I like women

Of course, I like women for cuddling and smooching and all that, but it goes beyond that. I like women in all walks of life. In everything.

My doctor is a woman.
My dentist is a woman.
My barber is a woman.
My boss (company’s VP) is a woman.
My company’s tech gurus are women.
My lawyer is a woman.
My yoga teacher is a woman.
My wife is a woman.
My favorite U.S. senator (Hillary Rodham Clinton) is a woman.
My favorite state senator here in Virginia (Janet Howell) is a woman.
My favorite Congressional representative (Cynthia McKinney) is a woman.
I wish we could finally get a woman for president for a change!

In general, I prefer women for anything at all. I can’t think of a position anywhere on earth that wouldn’t be better filled by a woman (with one exception: my Dad. Nobody can replace him!). I think women ROCK! I feel much better leaving the planet Earth in their care. My favorite peace & democracy activists are feminist groups like Women in Black and RAWA.

Does this make me a feminist? I don’t know. I’m just constantly happy that the world has so many women in it.

My doctor and dentist are both women, and I’ve got a mild crush on my doctor. :slight_smile: When I started at my current job, my boss was a woman, and we got along well, but she transferred.

My wife is a woman, of course. So was my ‘best man’ at our wedding. :slight_smile:

{{{ Jomo Mojo}}}

That’s the nicest thing I’ve heard in a long time.


Women are pretty fabulous, aren’t they? Men are cool too, but I think we’ve been on a power trip for a little too long and a lot of us have to chill out.

My Dungeon Master is a woman.

No, you pervs. I’m talking about D&D.


My acupuncturist is a woman.
My optometrist is a woman.
My favorite musician (Loreena McKennitt) is a woman.

This could be extended endlessly.

Remember that Saturday Night Live skit in the 70s? Where they had an exhibit of Art by Men? Introducing each artist, like John Belushi, they took care to emphasize “…and he is a man.” LOL

Alyson Hannigan is a woman.

My masseuse is a woman (obviously).
My dentist is a woman (small hands–a good trait in a dentist).
My loan officer is a woman.
My banker is a woman.
Both my veterinarians are women (one for dogs, one for cats).
Just about all my favorite singers are women.
My dance instructor is a woman.
My agility instructor is a woman.
The person who sold me my last car (and probably my next one) was a woman.
The person who sold me the appliances for the kitchen was a woman.
The person who designed my kitchen was a woman.
My mail carrier is a woman.
My newspaper deliverer is a woman.

And last but not least, Christina Ricci is a woman (rowr). [sub]What? She’s 21! As of about two months ago![/sub] :smiley:

You’re right, Jomo. Women rock!

Hey! My wife is a woman, too!

Small world.

I’m a woman.

All these women out there…how come I can’t meet any of them???

My woman is a woman!

I’m almost a woman… I mean I’m like one chromosone shoprt or something.

My ‘Psychology of Human Sexuality’ lecturuer is a woman.
The hardest person in my Kung-Fu class is a woman.
Both of the people who have broken my heart were women.
Both of the people who helped me recover from aforementioned heartbreak were women :slight_smile:

Thing is… my brother is gay and for a while alot of my friends were gay and they kept asking me when I was going to come out. Go figure.

Poor gay dudes just dont understand how truly special women are ;-b…

So am I.

Jomo Mojo, I like this thread… thank you so much! Aren’t you a sweetheart… :slight_smile:


I’m a woman too, and I enjoy being a woman. Well, I don’t really know what it’s like to be a guy, and sometimes, well a lot of times I do wonder what goes on in those complex guy-brains, so I don’t really know what I’m missing as far as being a fella goes. Still, I’m content being a woman. But, you know, if there are all these fellas out there who like us ladies so much, then why can’t I find me a single one of my very own? [pout]

I like women too. They look nice, they smell nice, they’re fun to talk to.

You know, I waxed eloquent about this very subject in an email recently (to a woman, as it happens).

I’ve always loved women. Not just because I’m a heterosexual guy, but because women have wonderful human qualities that men don’t always possess, or often attempt to cover up.

In many ways, I prefer the company of women, and if an attractive woman enjoys my company, I’m walking on a cloud for days thereafter.

Women are warm and nurturing people, and there is a certain welcoming aspect to them.

Nothing is sexier to me than a woman who is not merely attractive, but smart, witty, easy-going, humorous, and clever.

You’ve started a wonderful thread, Jomo. I hope others chime in and tell how wonderful they think women are.

Oh, and my sig was provided by a woman. Heh.

There’s Straight Doper women.

I am woman…hear me roar:

I like being a woman. Being a man would suck. I like men, though. They’re cute and stuff.

Awww…thanks! :slight_smile: