I like women

Astrogirl is a woman! At least, I’m pretty sure that she is… I’ll try to verify this tonight, if possible.


My favority person of all time is a woman. My mother. Or course my sister and my nieces are close behind.

My cat is a woman. And one of the funniest and fuzziest things on the planet.

… Well that’s all there is in my life. How deprived I am huh?

So, celestina…How you doin’? ;);););):wink:

Aww, aint this the cutest thread!

I’m sitting through a lot of job interviews recently. I do much better at the ones when I’m interviewed by a woman. It’s easier to make them smile and laugh and like me. :slight_smile:

I take issue with that. After all, fag hags are almost always women.

Fag hags are intensely fabulous.

I live in a fairly patriarchal society. There are a few women who work in my office, and I get along with them fine despite being disliked by the rest of the staff. I have no future here…

Women are definitely in general more intriguing conversationalists, even when they’re not trying.

My mom’s a woman, too. She raised me by herself, even though she did get remarried because she thought I would need a father figure. Nice try, mom. You blew eight years. Single mothers have my total respect. They are, again, in general (but this whole thread is a generalization anyway), excellent at being the mother AND the father. I’m not saying married mothers have got it made. They have to put up with one big kid and however many other little kids.

Well, Sugar, I’m doin’ just fine now that I see this fine post you’ve made to me. :smiley:

I like pie.

I can’t remember when I’ve read something as pro-woman as this. What a refreshing change!

My thanks to all of you enlightened people.


I too am a fan of the ladies.

Tori Amos is my second favorite song writer, and favorite singer (Trent Reznor is my favorite song writer and second favorite singer, I think there DNA must be combined, the result should be a woman, though some sort of hermaphradite is a possibility).

My favorite TV character is a woman (I’m a pathetic Buffy fanboy)
My graduate advisor is a woman.
One of my favorite professors is a woman (she’s like a young, funny female Woody Allen)
My best friend is a woman.
My only SD recruit is a woman.

The rather nice cute girl giving me the time of day in Sound Structures is a woman (I hope so at least).

Yup ain’t nothing wrong with women.

Women, they’re fantastic!

That slogan fits everything! It’s amazing.

Shhh, quiet,you guys! If we let them know how much they mean to us, they’ll rule us and take over the world.

When did that happen?

I took the tone of the OP and the thread in general to be not one of relating to women sexually, but rather an appreciation for the unique human qualities of the female gender.

In that regard, gay guys can appreciate women just as much as straight guys. And matt has shown his appreciation in one of the first posts to this thread. Why the hell shouldn’t a gay guy appreciate women just because he’s not sexually attracted to them?

Moreover, if sexual attraction is the only way you can appreciate a woman, then you’re not truly appreciating women.

Rock on, matt.

This is the coolest thread I have read in a very long time. Thank you so much you guys. I know none of this is directed specifically at me, but since I am a woman I’m grateful for all the compliments anyway.

You guys are great. :smiley:

What a nice person. Your wife is so lucky to have you dude.

I am a woman!!!

What a nice thread. We like you too, Jomobaby.


My first best friend was a girl. I was five. Hi, Adele :wink:

All of the close friends I have are women. I adore women. I am almost always more comfortable in the presence of women. To wit, today at lunch. There is the Guy’s Table in the teacher’s lunchroom, and then the Other Table. I sat in at the Guy’s Table once. ONCE. They argued about Professional Wrestling for 40 minutes. :rolleyes:.

I routinely wind up at a social gathering with the girls. In addition to finding many women to be intriquing company, they are ( as was pointed out so eloquently up there somewhere ) able to balance both thoughtful discussion AND bawdy flirtation. Almost all men I know are fairly coarse when it comes to dealing with the opposite gender, AND are ( again mostly ) not comfortable conversing with many topics that are emotionally founded.

Women posess the true power, and handle it MUCH better than men do/can. I admire women, I respect almost all of the women that I know. The ones I do not respect are the ones who use their gender as currency, to the exclusion of their minds.

My hairdresser is a woman.

My bank officers are women.

My college best friend is a woman ( we had our 21st anniversary as pals last September ).

Roughly 90% of my Internet friends are women. The men I gravitate towards are men who are happy to discuss anything, and let their hearts speak as well as their minds.

Having said the above, I love the few male friends I have with whom I have made substantial connections. I truly do, if I bond with someone, then gender is irrelevant.

God, I love women. I am also, to be honest, incredibly draw to women. The female form amazes me- I mean the curve of a hip, the line of the neck, flowing down to a collarbone, the sweet pouch of a belly, the uniquely female glistening eyes. A woman’s wrist is a sight to behold. A woman’s laugh is nectar. A woman’s smile is succor to a sore heart or sour day. A woman’s touch is soothing, kindly, compassionate, playful or desirous. There are women I’ve seen in my life ( to steal an idea from “Citizen Kane” ) who I’ve seen and never spoken to, who I shall never forget.

They are complex, and I can not get enough of their company. Especially yours…and your know who you are. :slight_smile:


Sheesh I knew my post would provoke a reply I didnt think it would get personal.



Chill dudes! WHat I meant is that there are aspects of women that only come up during the more intimate moments of a relationship. Far from ‘reducing’ women to sex objects I am promoting an equal appreciation of their sexual nature and their ‘just friendly’ nature.

The two women who helped me recover from the heartbreak I mentioned in my original post were not ‘rebounds’ they were friends of mine. I am well aware of the innate wonderfulness that women carry about them. Sometimes it is the only reason to get up in the morning. But some of that wonderfulness can only be found within a physical relationship. I am not talking about sex btw I am talking about the closeness, the intimacy, that sparkle that they get in their eye when they ask you to say something that’ll tunr them on and all you can think to say is “I love you”.

Truly appreciating women means recognising that they are sexual beings just as much as guys are AS WELL AS having many other indispensible properties.


Chiming in again with most of my friends being women. I went to an all-boys school. And dropped out after 6 months. Then I went back to a coed school, and had the last 2 years of highschool be the best :)).

Back when I was a kid, all the local kids used to play football (soccer). One of our number was a female, Anita.

Then, one day, when she was about 12 or 13 she announced she was going to become a girl and wasn’t going to hang around with us lot any more. We were devastated. She was one of our best players, she had the sweetest left foot you can imagine.

We tried to talk her out of it but to no avail. Off she went and became a girl. We never saw her again until one day about 10 years later I met her briefly by chance in a railway station.

Boy, she’d certainly got the hang of this “being a girl” thingy. She was gorgeous, my jaw dropped.

Anita, wherever you are now, I send you my love. Aah, I miss those long endless summers of childhood.