I looked at my high school yearbook last night

Why did I do that? Well, I wanted to see if, in fact, I did go to high school with Marcia Gay Harden. Yes, I did, but we were not friends. She moved to Texas before senior year. I moved to Texas during senior year. We both went to Sherwood High School in Ashton, or was it Sandy Spring, Maryland.

My 30th reunion was last year and I did not go. My husband’s was last summer, but it was here where we live. I had a good time at that one. Why do I have more fun at his reunions than my own?

I’m so glad I’m me now instead of me then. So why look back at horrible pictures and remember a time I would rather forget?

Because sometimes, when I have a bad hair day, it’s good to remember I once had a bad hair decade.

Although in fairness it’s sometimes hard to see how bad my hair was in those pictures due to the massive shoulder pads that get in the way.

Returning to the scene of the crime… :slight_smile:

My high school alums set up a webpage and you can click on various grad years. The class of '72 has had something of a beating: about 15 of maybe 250 grads already dead and gone. Any day above ground…even a bad hair day like I had today (my students taunted me)…is a good day.

I have mine from my senior year, but none of the others - there were lost in a flood.

I care not, since I couldn’t be bothered to look at them. In fact, now that I think about it, I am sorry that I insisted I needed them, since money was tight then and I would never look at them now.

I looked at mine when I went back home last year. I’m over a lot of the negativity I felt about my high school time (probably has something to do with being happy and successful now), so it was kind of interesting to look back. Plus, it gave my wife a good laugh.

A couple of years back I pulled mine out to give my kids a good laugh. The first signature in the first book we opened said something like, “Try not to be such an asshole.” I vaguely remembered the name, and when I looked up his pic he looked vaguely familiar, but I have ZERO recollection of the context in which I acted like an asshole towards him. Lovely, that you can have such an impact on someone, and completely forget about it - and them.

HS was DEFINITELY not the best time of my life.

And apparently I had an enemy on the yearbook staff. Every year, the book would feature a large, horrible picture of me. For example, I ran track. They would be taking pictures, and 20 of me would look just fine, and then there’d be one where I was stumbling, with my arms fglailing and eyes closed. Guess which one made it into the yearbook. I have no idea who was responsible for that.

And thanks mom, for not doing a thing to have me get a normal haircut or new glasses since 4th grade.

No, I don’t spend a lot of time perusing my old yearbooks…

I have all of my yearbooks, but I haven’t really looked at any of them in a while. Too many bittersweet memories, I guess… I’d like a do-over of everything betwene the ages of 16 and 22.

That would a nightmare for me.

It’s fun to go to the spouse’s reunion and screw with people.

Don’t you remember me? We had Mrs. Smith for English? I sat right behind you?
You were my first homosexual expierence.

I wouldn’t say I want a do-over of ALL those years, just maybe a boyfriend (or two). I realize what a dumbass I was when I looked back though the yearbook and there were several guys phone numbers in there for me to call, but I was too clueless to realize them as anything but throwaways.

I would have stopped being such a tightass and had some fun. I would have tried things. And I don’t mean bad things. I did nothing except play the piano for the choir and take piano lessons. I could have played field hockey or something. But I didn’t see life as having possibilities like I do now. I thought I had to get home so I could do my chores and stuff. I did not have fun. I was a good girl. And boring as all get out. Still am, really.

I would’ve realized that Heather had at least enough of a liking for me to flirt pretty heavily. Or was that Helen. Ah, twins.

I do miss some aspects of high school and college–mostly the not working thing, and the being a big fish in a tiny pond thing I had going on in high school. Married working life has it’s consolations for a late bloomer, but I bloomed early enough that I know what I was missing those first few years each of high school and college.

Also, I would have shaved that ridiculous mustache until I could grow a real one.

I pitched my yearbooks in the trash. What’s done is done.

The high school years were some of the best of my life. It was the late 60’s. Peace, Love, Beads, Bell bottoms, Flowers, Non-lethal Venereal Diseases…sigh.

I recently “re-met” an old high school flame, and we’ve been going out.

Another high school buddy recently contacted me through Classmates.com. Cool.

Many of us didn’t think we’d last as long as we have. Some of us didn’t.

I like looking at my yearbook. All in all, I’d go back there in a heartbeat, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

What is this “hair” of which you speak? I must go look at my yearbooks now to see if I had some then…

A friend of mine had a yearbook party a few years ago. Everyone brought their old yearbooks to compare. (Well, mine are at my parents’ house and I couldn’t get at them, so I only got to look.) It was hilarious and awesome. Especially since one friend went to high school in New Jersey in the 1980s.

Class 0f the early 90s. We lose 1 a year so far.

Well, sure, but you’ve got almost half a decade’s worth of graduates.

Heh. I was just thinking about high school the other day (though not because I was looking at yearbooks. I should do that sometime). Me and my friends cut class one day our senior year. So we could go to a play downtown. Not drink beer and smoke pot in the park. But go. to. a. play.

We were such dorks. :stuck_out_tongue:

BEST PARTY IDEA EVER!!! Oh man, I SO have to do that…

I open them when I rearrange my storage every few years. It’s nice to remember that I actually look kind of good now.