My 30 Year High School Reunion

This Saturday, in Stow, Ohio.

I graduated 30 Godamned years ago, in 1979. Much has happened, much done, much undone, much seen.

I’m really looking forward to this. Will I see old friends? Are they fat? Bald? How many kids? Will my ex-wife show up?

I’ve heard so far that about 50 or so are planning to attend, out of a class of 525.

You forgot: “Are they still alive?”

Out of 525 you’re probably missing at least a few by now. Have you gone to any in between?

My 30th is not until next summer.

Mine is this year too. Unlike you, I can’t be bothered. I went to my 10 year and had enough fun to last me the rest of my years.

good point, by the 10 year we’d lost about 8.

We’ve had a 5 year, a 10 year, a 20 and a 25. We are very pathetic. I helped plan the last two.

And, for all but the 25, I flew in from California for them.

You’re a freakin’ BULLDOG?

You are dead to me.

BMalion: Check this thread for some style tips! You gotta do it man. Show 'em you’re still as bad ass as you ever were! :cool:

Hey BMalion and SigmaGirl! Fellow former area lurker (first time poster!) just to check in to say hi from a Woodridger! Class of 84. We are having our 25th this year in August. Not heading up there from Virginia as I went to the 25th and decided that would be the last. I figured we all looked good yet but didn’t want to go to anymore and see a bunch of old people. Too depressing. Have fun at your 30th this weekend BMalion! Whereabouts are y’all having it? Do you remember any of the Coughlins that went to Stow? There was a gang of them-big Catholic family. Loved one of the boys who has since passed.

Ah dangit. I meant to say that I went to the 20th reunion, not 25th.

I went to, and helped organize, my 40th a few years ago. It was the first reunion I’ve attended. People don’t really change all that much, even after 40 years. The pompous assholes are still PAs, the quiet people are still quiet. The fun is in seeing the studs who have gone pudgy and bald and the beauty queens who are not only faded, but dowdy, fat and ugly. It doesn’t keep them from being pompous assholes even now, but nobody takes them seriously anymore.

I enjoyed going, but don’t think I would do it again. Although I was one of the nameless rabble back in HS, I’ve traveled more, seen more, done more, and speak more languages than 99.99% of my former classmates. I married a classy woman who is the intellectual superior to nearly all of them, and have more money in the bank (I would guess) than most of them. In other words, I have little-to-nothing in common with any of them other than some awkward years in the 60s.

At my 10th I found out that one of my high school friends had been shot and killed by his girlfriend a few years earlier.

At my 20th I found out that another one of my high school friends had died of AIDS a few years earlier.

My 30th is next year. I’m planning to go, but dreading it a little.

  1. My thirtieth HS reunion. Maybe I’ll get to go to this one…

One of my friends is a teacher at Stow. He was born the year you graduated :stuck_out_tongue:

Going to my 25th next weekend.

My friend and I were both square pegs, and earlier this year she said, “I’ll go if you go.” So we had a pact. A PACT, I tell you!! Then (you guessed it) she had to back out, unreschedulable big family event, yadda yadda yadda.

I waffled a bit over whether to bail too, then decided what the hell, surely enough water has gone under the bridge. A few of us most of whom were in elementary school together too are getting together for lunch on Friday, and then the Big Event is on Saturday. My chief “Mean Girls” tormentor will be there, but hopefully I’ll be able to avoid her, or else she won’t even remember who I am. :wink: Or she’ll have gotten all fat & ugly.

Most of the rest of the people who are coming, I have to say I didn’t really know (We had a class of 400!). So perhaps we can get to know each other a little bit instead.

So I read the title and think “I’ve got a couple of years until my 30th.” Then I see you graduated in '79 and realize I graduated in '78. If they had a 30th reunio, I never heard about it (or missed it).

Must be getting old!

My 25th is next year. I haven’t been to a reunion yet. I’ve always planned to go to my 25th and I still think I will, but thanks to Facebook it feels like I’ve been having the reunion for the past year already.

Mine is this year, too. I only attended my high school for the last year and a half of my high school years. I graduated early to get out of there after my best friend moved away. I went to my 10 year reunion and didn’t remember anyone or anything. I did not have fun and told myself I’d never attend another one. They lost track of me anyway so I have never received anything about a reunion.

Ya dang whippersnappers! Old is when you have a 30 year college reunion!

Now, get off’n mah lawn! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just went to my 20th last month. It was the first one I’d been to and I hadn’t seen about 99% of my graduating class since we left the actual graduation ceremony. What struck me was that there was very little cliquiness…I guess when you’ve been separated 5 years at a time it’s hard to keep up those walls.

Yes and no. The REAL fun part is seeing the ones who actually did change. At my 30th I was amazed to see that the head cheerleader had evolved from being a stuck-up princess to a down to earth, friendly, funny woman, that the nerdy salutatorian had gone blonde and joked about her nerdy job and that the friendly, down to earth smart guy had become a pompous asshole. And it took 30 years but the rigid hierarchy of who sat at what lunch table with who had finally broken down.

On the other hand…it is kinda fun seeing the people who think that b/c you were a big deal in high school, it’s got to count for something.
I was reading a non fiction lit journ book a few years ago where the book said " Years later a Jock would say " That’s a party everyone still talks about"
How can your life be so pathetic that you’re still talking about high school parties, YEARS later? I gotta say I wish I could tell the kids who are stuck in snotty high schools that being a big deal in high school is like being a big deal b/c you’re a good Little League pitcher.