I lost a model project

I had a cardboard mockup of an Overland Cruise Ship and some wheels I’d planned to use, stashed away in an old toolbox for easy portability. I vaguely remember emptying the toolbox so Mrs. R could use it as a cashbox at the IPMS swap meet, but I cannot for the life of me put my hands on the wheels and mockup. And the kit that had those wheels (RenWal’s old Teracruzer with Mace Missile, reissued by Revell) was expensive, too! Curses!

I’m letting my subconscious stew it over a bit, but so far Mr. Sub-C is drawing a blank. :(. The superlative Galaxy Hobby has another Teracruzer on their shelf; I wonder if I should buy it? But then if I find the project, I’ll have an extra Teracruzer around, and who needs that?

Man, I hate losing stuff like that. I get all anal til I find it. I have hoarding tendencies and I have OCD things too. So I am always straightening stuff up and moving things around to keep the hoarder at bay and satisfy my OCD. It’s a weird dicotomy. I have found (;)) if you sleep on it, you may have a revelation in the morning. Maybe, yeah it’s a stretch, one day it will work for me. Really, it could happen.
I, absolutely recommend you not buy a new one. You will definitely find it, if you do.

Relax, make yourself a cup of tea. The things you seek will turn up just when you least expect. After all, they’re just right there. No, not there, but there. :slight_smile:

Sarcasm detected!

I understand that a 2nd kit would turn out to be an expensive source of greeblies, but I doubt any of it would go to waste for you, especially.

At first I was worried you’d completed another awesome custom model and had it destroyed somehow. Now that would be tragic. “Lost” means it’s still somewhere.

As of this morning, Mr. Sub-C is still drawing a blank. However, I’m sure he’s still working on it; all I need is patience.

And if that doesn’t work, well, I’ll be in Lynnwood weekend after this, and I can pick up that second Teracruzer. :wink:

You put it somewhere where you know you wouldn’t lose it. So somewhere unexpected for that item.

I did this with the calendar/schedule that a contractor made up for me for work to be done. Was it in the manila envelope with all the other information? Nope. I put the darn thing on the refrigerator and never noticed it.

Surely you remember where you were when emptying the toolbox. Go to that exact spot with the toolbox. Actually empty it and put the contents in a secure place. Is it there?

The Costa Concordia?

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I found the project! I found it by the simple expedient of going through the basement, opening every box I could remember touching in the last month. And then I was in the garage, and my eye fell on a paper bag full of projects to take to build-and-bull gatherings, and there it was, in a Stoned, Hoods, and Crooks Willys box.

I might buy that other Teracruzer anyway, just in case. :wink:

Heh heh heh :slight_smile:

I was going to suggest checking the refrigerator, but good job on finding it!

I’ve always suspected the new batmobile was based on the Teracruzer.

Yeah, the Teracruzer’s quite a vehicle. Apparently one is still operating, somewhere in Alaska, hauling freight. Although apparently the Rolligons are easier to maintain, and gradually stealing its thunder.

Hope it popped back in OK, that would be a rough day otherwise. :wink:

I always hope for pictures in your threads. :frowning:

I heard some advice recently, cannot remember where, maybe it was on Tested with Adam Savage, that the best place to put things is not “a safe place” but instead in the first place you’re likely to look for it. Just think “If I was going to go looking for this, where would I head to first?” and put it there.

No, no, that will never do. If you put it right where you will look for it everything will cover the counters and tabletops. Corners will be full and you will walk through little aisles down your halls. Full blown hoarder. Did I mention I am a hoarder in remission.
I am so happy you found your project OP, I was worrying about it. I am kind of a worrywort (sp) too. :slight_smile:

See, next time just skip all the intermediate steps and check the last place you looked. It always is there.

I’m surprised, given how well-known it is, that there’s no Wiki article on the Teracruzer.

I thought this was a whoosh. But apparently it’s true. Weird.