I lost my credit card, like in a sitcom

In the never ending series of comical events that only seem to happen to me or sitcom/cartoon characters, I lost my credit card on Friday night. Nothing unusual you reckon? Heres how:

Go for night out drinking, head home. Come out of tube station, fancy Chinese take away, go to get money out from ATM. Put Switch card in, realise ATM has a blank screen, retrieve it. In taking card out of my wallet, it caught and pulled my credit card halfway out of its slot, and it dropped to the floor when I reopened it.

I reach for credit card, my hands about an inch away, and the fucking thing blows away on the wind. Chase it up, but it’s off, away into the yonder. Searched for a good 10 minutes, but it was nowhere to be found.

Got back home, phoned Visa to cancel, and even the girl on the other end of the line laughed when I told her how it was lost.

I’ve walked into a lamp post before too. Well done me.

Now why did you not regale us with that story on Saturday night?

Slipped my mind to be honest. I told some people.

Fair enough. Have they sent you a replacement yet?

7 to fucking 10 working days.

I want to book my flights to America. But i’ll have to wait til the new one comes through now. Bah!

Good 'un, Paulie! :wink:

I had mine stolen. Your story is much funnier!

Good story!

Has anyone noticed that some restaurants and bars wrap one of the copies of the receipt around your credit card? One bar did that to me, and I missed it in the three or four receipt copies that they find necessary to put into that little folding book receipt holder. I discovered my card was missing the next day, and drove back to the restaurant immediately to see if it had turned up. While they hunted for it, I commented to the barkeep that wrapping a receipt around the card is a good way to get the card lost. She said, “Yeah, that happens a lot . . .” !!!

Well, maybe you shouldn’t do it that way, butthead!

I had to cancel the card and get a new one issued. What a hassle.