I lost my dog after 17 years last week

I lost Chaco after 15 1/2 years, I feel ya. :frowning:

So sorry to hear… My girls are 10 and 9 years old, and I want them to live forever, but I know our time to part will come sooner than I can bear.

I’m so sorry. What a lovely girl. :frowning:

Y’know, I know it sounds trite, but what a great way to go! Sorry for you that she’s not with you anymore, but if I could choose a way to depart this mortal coil, it would be curling up on the floor near my loved-ones, letting out a big sigh, then just going into eternal sleep.

May her memories stay strong! :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry for your loss, Quimby

How terrible to lose such a friend. How wonderful that you were in each other’s lives.

i am very sorry for your loss, I know it hurts deeply. She was adorable.

I’m so sorry.

She sounds like a wonderful dog. I’m so sorry you lost her. My beagle is 14 1/2 now and is getting slower, and his joints are bothering him, but he still loves his walks. I know he’ll be going sooner rather than later so I’m giving him extra attention these days.

I love dogs.

Thank you so much everyone for your kind words.

It sounds like an absolutely ideal way to go, after a joyous life. I wish all doggies could stay so long and go so peacefully.

I’m sorry I can’t see the video at the moment…what was her name?

What a beautiful dog!

I am very sorry for your loss, Quimby. I realize nothing is of much comfort at the moment, but she was clearly loved, and she knew it.

My heart is with you. It’s so very hard to love a loved pet.

Her name was Sunny.

She had a good long life in a loving home. How wonderful that she was able to relax and go peacefully.

You’re a good owner. She’ll be waiting for you over Rainbow Bridge.

“… and after 20 years he still grieves. Mr. Bojangles…”