I love dancing

That’s pretty mundane and pointless, isn’t it? To be specific I love dancing latin music, son, salsa, merengue, guaguancó, rumba, mambo, rueda, cha-cha-cha, whatever, if it has a 4/4 beat and latin drums I’m dancing it. Right now I am listening to Orishas’ “A lo Cubano”, and I am dancing in my chair, my feet tapping on 2-3 and 4-1, and my arms following along.

I recently went to the wedding of a friend and danced non-stop, I am not exagerating I had drinks brought to me on the dance floor, from the first song until they started playing the silly games with the flowers and the garter. I was lucky to find a girl who was a very good dancer, and she followed my lead like a dream. By the end of the night I am pretty sure I had sweated off a couple of pounds.

I don’t only dance latin music of course, if it has a decent beat I can dance it. But for latin music I will get up and dance, even if I am a baseball stadium, (yes I have done that, and you know what? there are a surprising number of girls who will join you if you try it!)

Me too! (I’m a girl though). But dancing is a dream. When I was young I used to rehearse extremely difficult Kathak an hour a day, then go to dance camp for four days and dance straight for 15 hours a day. I’d go to parties and be the first one up and the last one to go home at the end of the night, and eat nothing except nibbles through the whole thing. I had incredible stamina.

Now I don’t have the same amount but I still love it. I wish there were more guys into dancing; upstate NY is seriously lacking. It’s the only real fault I have with my SO, that he doesn’t dance.

Sounds like reason enough to dump him…, just kidding…, no really, dump him…, ok I am kidding.

In my circle of friends it is taken for granted that if you are not dancing with your wife or girlfriend and she wants to dance I will dance with her, and you may not see her again until the music stops.

I like to dance, too. I’m just not really good at it. :frowning:

I, on the other hand, hate to dance, and you know what? I’m not very good at it!

Mundane? Check. Pointless? Check. Shared? Check.

I love to dance, actually it was my love of dancing that led me to become a Madonna fan when I was four (her stuff is so easily danceable)! I trained in ballet, contemporary, Margaret Morris Method, and little smatterings of jazz and tap from the time I was 6 until I was 18. I would perform any chance I could. I loved the fact that I got to take dance for credit in High School.

So that you may all be suitably jealous, I’ll be dancing swing, waltz, and tango tonight under the stars in an ampitheater. We do this a couple times a week. I’ll be quite sad when the weather changes and we have to move indoors.

And in a slight digression, after failing to swing, tango and waltz to Hotel California, we discovered that it has a salsa beat. Who knew?

Meh. I can think of better ways to sweat with a girl.

Dunno… it’s hard for me to sweat… It’s far more easier to make me sweat by dancing than by other ways… (although the other ways may be more fun).

I love to dance too… Unfortunately it is hard to find good or at least decent partners… Sigh And when one is found, it is a precious thing that has to be shared with other women… At least that has been my experience many times.

Men who love to dance?
The Dope really does contain the male holy grails… :smiley:

I love to dance. Only problem is, I can’t. :frowning:

:: nods ::

I’d like to learn to dance. But I’m more into electronic music than Latin, so maybe that’s out.

swing dance is my latest fling at dancing and apparently alot of people who are into swing are also into blues. I am going this weekedn to Atlanta for the Southern Belle Swing Bash 3. Dancing til my toes fall of. (which for me doens’t take very long since I am pretty new at this).

East coast, Lindy, charlestn and a little bit of balboa with some blues thrown in just to keep it all swayin’.

“All God’s children got swing!”

I regret that I wasn’t born with the dancing gene. I might like to dance, but it makes me feel like a dork, and probably look like one, too, so I haven’t done it in eons. And I’m a musician, and have been a disc jockey in clubs. Countless people have danced to music I performed or played, but not me. I don’t think I’m an uptight person, but my body is not free enough to let go. Fortunately, my wife doesn’t dance, either, so she doesn’t feel like I’m depriving her of getting down with her bad self.

I love a Latin beat, and even though I know I don’t really know how to dance to it, I love faking it…I do it any time I hear it. Once, at a club in Manhattan, where a live band was playing, an older lady whom I didn’t even know, took my hand and danced with me. She whirled me, and twirled me, and made me feel as if I could really do the Latin dances, even though I knew I couldn’t. I had a ball.

Whenever I hear a reggae beat, it is on. I have to dance, no matter what. I am also the type to bust out with a reggae dance move in the middle of the day when no music is even playing. The music is in my head.
lalenin**, you sound like a ball to be around!

Yep, lindy and blues seem to go hand in hand these days. I started with lindy and charleston about 2 years ago, got into balboa a few months later, and have recently developed a blues obsession. Got a “woo!” out of one of my leads last night, so obviously I’m doing something right. :cool:

A word of warning, or encouragement, adhemar: if you haven’t already discovered this for yourself, both the dancing, and the travelling to weekend events, quickly becomes an addiction. My biggest one so far was SwingOut Northwest back in December, where I got to dance with Frankie Manning! I wish I could go down to Portland for the Mezz Jelly blues exchange this weekend, but I’ll have to be satisfied with Emerald City Blues in Seattle in November. On the lindy side, I’m really excited because three of the Harlem Hot Shots (Hanna, Mattias and Sakarias) are coming to town to do a workshop next weekend!

Guys who like to dance are hot, geeky guys who like to dance (which covers most lindyhoppers) are even hotter. Luckily, the guy I’m seeing at the moment is a smart, funny, geeky guy into lindy and blues, so he’s damn near irresistible.

saw you from the other thread as a newbie, and you’ve got a damn good handle already…

since I assume there’s plenty of us just like me who can dance, but won’t even try until we’re wasted…
why can we dance? cause even sober we’re able to follow a beat (ever play an instrument, consider ANY sort of theory of music…)

why won’t we dance…?

we’re DUDES… drag us out there and we’ll perform, let us stand and we’ll look awkward :stuck_out_tongue:

I love a guy who can dance. Sadly, I’m left-footed and taller than lots of Latin American guys :frowning: (who often do dance).

There was that Costa Rican leftie I used to work with, that we had the greatest time dancing at the few parties we attended…

I could probably dance really well. I have good rythm, good balance, etc.

But… I’d rather just listen to the music. I can dance for a few seconds before it just seems rather pointless. Moving to music, regardless of whether I’m with a babe or not, just seems like a waste of what could be a pleasant time spent chatting quietly and appreciating something beautiful (of course, dance music tends to not be terribly beautiful…)

It would be like going to a play and being asked to move your face into an approximation of the tone of the play at the moment once every five seconds.


I don’t see what’s meant to be gained.

I have an adopted cousin who can dance beautifully. He was not around when I was a teen, which is so sad - there were no Indian boys who danced in my community. How awesome would it have been to be able to dance with him.

LOUNE - yes, but dance often leads to other things.
appleciders, I am officially jealous. How did it go? I do go dancing with the SCA once a week.