I love technology.

I’m flying out of Fort Lauderdale this morning to go home after a week in Florida.

I got here - there is free wireless internet here.


I’m surfing the web at 7 AM at my gate.

Technology is freakin’ cool.

I even found an outlet to plug in my computer.


My wife and I are planning a month long trip to England and Sweden in the fall. On review the tech we are taking with us is a bit embarrassing: 17" powerbook, 12" powerbook, 60 gig minidrive for backup, iPod, Nintendo DS, GPS for geocaching, cellphone, and two digital cameras.

Egads, Henry David Thoreau is gonna climb out of his grave just to smack me upside of the head. Perhaps it is time to rethink the list a bit.

Heh. Currently, I have my Dell laptop, my iPod, my cell phone, a digital camera, and a ton of cords for charging, downloading, and plugging in. I’m like technology queen.

I’ve been catching up on the Dope from the past week since I’ve only had dial-up all week. I’ve gotten through almost everything in an hour - this is fantastic.

All we need is the ability to surf the web on a plane now.