So, now, what's the most technology strapped to your hip at any given time?

This is kind of a follow up to a thread I asked about in '02 , where, for one weekend I got kinda curious about how much electronic technology I carried versus what you guys carried.

In my case, I can thankfully say that I only carry two pieces of electronic (i.e. using oscillators), and a couple other non-electronic pieces of technology. As THespos put it, my “Batman” factor is down . . .

So, during a normal workday I’ve got:
[li]1 Cellular Telephone (Verizon)[/li][li]1 ‘Palm Pilot’[/li][li]1 Laptop computer[/li][li] 1 2" folding pocketknife[/li][li] 1 4.5" pocketknife[/li][li] 1 EMT ‘pocket-protector’ containing one laser pointer, one Leatherman, one flashlight, one electrical box key, and one paint can key.[/li][/ul]

I’m no longer so geeky, but I have the ability to be so in just under an hour. So, have any of yous guys changed your ways?

Man, have I consolidated my crap. Just plain threw away a lot of the useless stuff too . . .

I am a technophile but I never strap things to my hip.

I pocket them.

On an average day my pockets contain a mobile phone, a ‘neon powerball’ and a powerful green laser.

On a good day they will contain, in addition to the above, a SLR digital camera, and/or a PDA.

Feh, on a GOOD day I’ll have my work pager, and my personal cell phone. An average day has just one or the other.

I’m not a big fan of strapping things to myself, but if I can count pockets and stuff in my purse/bookbag, I’ve always got my cell phone and watch.

The most techno-laden I’ve ever been was likely when I was walking through the airport, the day I left for college. The security checkpoint hated me, for my bookbag contained:
-Laptop computer, spare battery, assorted cables
-128mb memory stick
-Cell phone and charger
-Palm pilot and cradle
-Alarm clock (because I did not want it getting lost in my luggage)

Assuming my pockets and wrist counts as being in the general hip area, I carry a watch, credit card, debit card, and keys.

Otherwise, nothing.

Um, lessee here … a belt!

Normally, nothing.

Max in canoe pack:
Electronic compass/watch
Solar panels

My pass card to get in at work. Other than that, nothing.

I wear a carabiner on a beltloop at my right hip, to which I attach my set of seven keys. When I’m not wearing a shirt with a front pocket, I sometimes carry pencils, erasers, glasses case, and chewing gum in a cylindrical pencil pouch hanging from another carabiner at my left hip. Lastly, in my left pocket I carry a coin and key case containing a few plastic cards, a couple of bills, and some loose change. No timepieces, mobile phones, personal digital assistants, portable music players, or other electronic devices are strapped to my hip nowadays.

The most technology on my person at any time is my watch.

I hate to have anything in my pockets except for my wallet and comb. I don’t know why this is. The other day I got a Coke from a machine and had to walk around with 40 cents in my pocket. It drove me nuts!

I don’t own any portable devices because I don’t need any. I have no idea how to even operate a cell phone. There are only five people in the world who call me, four of them infrequently. They know how to reach me!

All of my carry-around technology is kinda old school. My great-grandfather’s pocketwatch, a mini-maglite, and sometimes an M1911A.

In the pockets goes the cell phone. On my wrist is a cheap but reliable digital watch.

When I’m working…
Cellphone w/ earpiece
Electronic tape measure
Keys and electronic fobs attached to a small wallet that carries my license and credit cards
And I’m carrying my briefcase or portfolio and a pen.

No wonder I’m tired at the end of the day.

May your gods bless you…

I always took the “you-give-me-beeper, I-give-you-notice” position, but economic reality has me carrying a cell phone.

I met a guy at a dentist’s office a few months back - as he was leaving, he retreived and deployed:

1 - cell phone (personal)
1 - cell phone (employer mandated)
1 - old-fashioned transceiver (aka “walky-talky”) (employer mandated)

poor schmuck…

the transceiver started sqwaking immediately…

All of a sudden, a beeper didn’t look so oppressive.

A network techie came to visit my screwed-up PC at work - and left her PDA - she was nearly frantic when I called her to know that I had locked it up, and it was safe. 7/24 is obscene, and if you need a computer to organize your life, you are probably doing something wrong.

OK, maybe this belongs in IMHO. Non, je ne regrette rein

A nuclear armed intercontinental ballistic missile. No, wait. That’s my dick.

[ul][li]1 Laptop computer[/ul] [/li][/QUOTE]
I have to ask how you strap a laptop compuer to your hip :confused:

Or, putting it another way, what size hips do you have? :smiley:

(who doesn’t even have a belt)

1 - personal cell phone
1 - Timex wrist watch
1 - ID/swipe card for work

Dang am I boring

I’m pretty boring, too. All I have is a cell phone.

I carry a bag with my laptop, cell phone, ipod and palm pilot. At work the laptop gets put in my toolbox with the phone, and I carry the ipod & palm.
None are required by my job. My last job required carrying as much stuff. Og, how I hated that job.
BTW, the laptop is mostly used for browsing the SDMB, besides having to wait for an available computer when I need one NOW really sucks.

I have a phone that is also a Palm PDA/camera etc
My keyring has a small but powerful white LED light on it.
(I also have a small crosspoint screwdriver on there that I take everywhere)

I used to have a laser pointer, but it broke; must get a new one.

At work, I will additionally have my laptop case which also contains a fairly extensive toolkit.