What's the most technology youve carried on yourself?

Alright, dig this:

I’m currently ‘on-call’ again; i.e. my workplace burns down, some sewer rips open, electric fails, I am the man to call the shots. I’m the guy they call to make the emergency decisions until the next day.

Along with this dubious title/duty is a big-assed binder with a pager. However, I’ve told the on-duty people to call me on my cellphone. But, being in North Dakota, my personal cellphone may not work everywhere I’m supposed to be tomorrow. So, I carry my shop’s cellphone, which has been indicated to go anywhere in the state and can still get reception.

So, tomorrow, as I carry help Webelos learn archery at a day camp, I will carry two cellphones, one beeper, one ‘airfield operations’ radio, and one more ‘civil engineering’ radio (Scope Shield).

I think I’m geeked out. Doesn’t anyone else carry more than this? Why am I reminded of that one particular Dilbert cartoon? :smiley:

One radio short of a station.

Damn beer. . .

“‘as I carry help’” should read: ‘as I help’

And, the subject title should be “you’ve”.

Damn beer. . .

Let’s see. Pager, cell phone, two way radio, digital camera, CD player. You’ve got me beat. But that’s my everyday load that I ride around with on a bicycle, not an aberration.

Lessee … standard workday beltline/pocket load equals:
• cell phone
• pager (sometimes two)
• Palm Pilot
• flashlight
• Leatherman Crunch
• reversible 2-n-1 pocket screwdriver
• Gerber E-Z Out thumb-opening knife
• hemostats
• magnetic ID badge
• remote-entry key fob for car (w/keys, duh)
• sharp-ass scissors (latest addition)
plus assorted other sundries. I have been known to go so far as to add a hand control for a hydraulic surgical table to all this. That gets some interesting looks.

I say “beltline” because I haven’t yet found a pair of scrubs with actual belt loops. Give me time.

  • Dave

Compared to what? A 15th century peasant? Everything I’m wearing right down to my aftershave. :smiley:

If you mean electronic gadgets, that would be (right now, at work) a short-range radio, digital cell phone, two-way alphanumeric pager, Palm Pilot, keyless entry key fob and windproof cigarette lighter.

My brother let me carry his cell phone the other day when he dropped me off at the Unemployment office.
I felt positively rich!

I remember adding it up once while walking to school. It came up to just over $1000 worth:

Palm Pilot
Cell phone
MP3 player

Can’t remember what else…

I carry a laptop to school, along with support gear (disks, floppy drive module, Ethernet card and cable, etc.) Total weight: seven pounds

All at once?

Laptop, Handspring Visor with Targus folding keyboard, Archos Jukebox (5 gig portable hard drive/mp3 player), cellphone… other stuff like my Leatherman I don’t think of as technology.

I can’t discuss that stuff…most of it’s classified.

Let’s see… at one time:
[li]Handheld Amateur Radio (I’m KC2IBN)[/li][li]Palm with folding keyboard[/li][li]CD Player[/li][li]Digital Camera[/li][li]Calculator[/li][li]CD folder (93 CDs)[/li][li]CD/MP3 player[/li][li]Digital Watch[/li][li]Leatherman Pulse[/li]li a small bendible antenna for my Ham radio, if I’m wearing my coat goes in the sleeve[/li][li]Cell phone[/li][li]FM radio[/li][/ul]

yup… I think that’s it.

I am looking for electronic devices, but I guess anything will do.

So I made it to the Camporee today. I go back tomorrow. Here’s what I carried:

[li] Two Motorola Cellphones (one personal LMT, the other was the shop’s)[/li][li] One Pager[/li][li] One GPS reciever[/li][li] One Palm Pilot (not mine)[/li][li] One Scope Shield ‘CE’ Radio (way the hell outta range)[/li][li] One ‘Airfield Ops’ UHF Radio (also way the hell outta range)[/li][li] One Cobra FRS Handheld Radio (local camp stuff)[/li][/ul]

Yes, this is the most ‘technology’ I’ve carried on one belt loop, completely disregarding my rifles/weapons.

My rifle has more technology than the current Space Shuttle.

“What’s the most technology you’ve carried on yourself?”

A folding Barlow pocket knife.
A bolt action rifle.

But I’m thinkin’ about gettin’ one of them GPS things. :smiley:

Mobile phone

I don’t often carry a lot of technology - usually it’s just my mobile (and now that I have a digital camera, probably that as well).

My “Batman Factor” was certainly up there a couple years ago. These days, I carry only a laptop and cell phone, but back then, I was regularly carrying a 2-way pager, cell phone, MP3 player, Palm Pilot, digital camera and a small voice recorder.

I’m still waiting for that all-in-one device. Damn convergence is always slower than everyone wants it to be.

Laptop, two cell phones and a digital camera.

Personal organizer, digital camera (not mine; Yearbook staff’s) and mechanical pencils and pens of all denominations and creeds. Me not afraid of technology. Now I worship Moon and drag woolly mammoth carcass into hovel.

cell phone
palm V
cable to connect the 2
1 red led ‘flashlight’
1 white headlamp LED ‘flashlight’
1 keychain LEd white instant on flashlight
1 backup convention flashlight
2 telephone test sets
2 line toners, 1 probe
1 meter
sharper image personal cooler
Palm V modem

I’m, sure there is more but that’s all I got right now

oh and a whole mess of batteries

::AHunter3 empties out Targus bag and examines contents::

• One Mac PowerBook (WallStreet), upgraded to 512 MB / 500 MHz / 60 GB
• One laptop battery in expansion bay 1, one CD/RW drive in expansion bay 2
• One spare battery
• One floppy drive module
• One Zip drive module
• Two expansion bay hard drives (18 GB and 8 GB)
• One Apple DVD-ROM expansion bay drive
• One PowerPrint serial-to-parallel adapter + CD with drivers
• One low-end CapSure video digitizing CardBus card
• One ixmicro Road Rocket 2nd-monitor card with VGA and Mac monitor adapters
• One Orange Micro dual Firewire CardBus card
• One PowerUser USB CardBus card
• One Apple MPEG digital video decoding/decompressing CardBus card
• One HDI to DB-25 SCSI adapter / SCSI Disk Mode adapter
• One HDI to Centronix 50 SCSI cable
• One SCSI 50-pin terminator
• One S-video to RCA video adapter
• Two Dual-RCA-to-stereo-minijack adapters
• One long twin cable with RCA jacks on both ends
• One stereo minijack to mono minijack adapter
• One rather elderly Connectix QuickCam serial port video camera
• One Apple ADB mouse
• One ethernet crossover cable
• One Cat-5 ethernet cable
• One Macintosh serial printer cable
• One 3COM Megahertz CardBus modem
• One 3COM-card-to-Nokia-cellular-phone adapter
• One Nokia cellular phone
• One short modular analog telephone cord
• One VGA to Mac DB-15 monitor adapter
• One AC adapter with associated cable to laptop power-in
• Two American AC wall to AC adapter cords (one short one long)
• CD wallet containing ~1300 mins’ worth of MP3s + various s/w installers

That’s a bit more than I regularly carry around with me on a daily basis. Usually I don’t have more than about 3/4 of that stuff in the bag!

I’m pretty sure that I used to carry a calculator when I was taking statistics…

That would be it, I think.