What's in your pockets right now?

I hope that this is the right place for this.

I hope it can be serious.

I usually just carry my keys phone wallet and watch with me where ever I go.

Im thinking of adding “stuff” to this list.

That got me thinking:

What must you have with you, at all times?

Females, or those more inclined to carry a purse;

What do you carry in your SMALLEST purse?

LB:Badge (unless I’m wearing it)

Before I leave in the morning, I just have to make sure all my pockets are filled. Makes life easier.

Nothing- I’m just glad to see you.
Actually, nothing. That’s what purses are for.

Oh yeah, must read to end of post before replying. I have several pounds of flat-out junk in my purse. My purse is so full of crap that I’m not even going to clean it out, I’m just going to buy a new one. That’s the benefit of buying Target purses rather than those spendy designer bags- you get a new one every year!

A magical ring that could turn the wearer invisible and possibly evil…

Actually, I just emptied them. Before that I had my wallet, a couple of receipts and scraps of paper, two pens, a locker token, and some loose change.

[Arthur Dent] Pocket Fluff. [/Arthur Dent]

I didn’t ask for which pockets. Yet I know first hand that it does matter.
—I had a creativity class once that had us doing something different every day. If you don’t think you have set places for items in your pockets, change it up one day… and freak yourself out.

I always have this basic stuff in whatever purse I carry:

  • wallet
  • cell phone
  • Advil
  • tissue
  • prescription indoor glasses and sunglasses
  • Proventil inhaler
  • keys

There’s more for sure, but how much I carry depends on the size of the purse. My everyday summer bag is a huge Mom-like straw tote that holds everything. My everyday winter bag is also big and Mom-like and holds everything, too.

I `m having my morning coffee and have not yet started my day.

RF: Orange bandana, ironed and folded.

I am home at the moment, so…nothing.

If I were at work:

Car key, house/office keys, and Swiss Army Knife in the front pockets. Which one(s) go in which pocket changes from day to day. Wallet in left rear. Right rear usually empty, unless I have some sort of paperwork that can be folded to fit (paychecks go there every other Friday).

Nothing but sweaty lint…I went skateboarding earlier and still haven’t changed. Anyone want any?

I keep my wallet and comb in my right back pocket. The others are usually empty, except for when I’m at work. My keys with the electronic entry fob go in the front left, and my lighter goes in the right front. I don’t think I’ve ever carried anything in my left rear pocket.

I never carry change…because I never use money to buy anything, I use the debit card. Besides which, I hate to jingle as I walk.

RF - keys, LF - four 1 dollar bills and 8 dollar coins, a mini flashlight, chapstick and fingernail clippers, RB - wallet, LB - comb

Am I the only right-handed guy that keeps his wallet in left hip pocket?

Nothing in RB
LF - assorted change
RF - knife and phone

That’s about all I carry - knife, wallet, phone (they go into pockets in that order). Keys hang by the door and go into whichever front pocket has the least stuff already present.

Nope, bob, I do the same thing.

RB: House/mail/bike lock keys
LB: Cell phone
RF: Gavel, Pilot G-2 pen
LF: Wallet

Normal setup

RF Work car keys on Red “Marine Corps Marathon” lanyard
LF Spare work car keys / no lanyard
RR Card key / ID / Press Pass on Blue “SkyEye Chopper 13” lanyard
LR Empty

It’s all about the lanyards…

Nothing in the sweatpants’ pockets (I’m veging out right now, after a long day and before beddy-byes).

Day-to-day, though – I use the pockets in my windbreaker (seeing as it’s still nippy weather), and in them I carry handkerchief, keys, pen, chap-stick. Sometimes money. Sometimes a bus card.

My purse has my wallet, (which is as big as many purses) glasses (reading and sun), Albuterol inhaler & spacer, epi-pen, two or three pens, lip gloss, some sort of hair bobble, to restrain my hair in the convertible and three sets of keys (house, car & truck).

A receipt for TV repair
£2.98 in change (Coins: £2, 50p, 20p, 2x10p, 2x5p, 2p, 6x1p)
A black leather wallet, containing:
-Barclays debit card (mine)
-Barclaycard Visa (company)
-Tesco clubcard (loyalty card)
-Matalan membership card
-Denplan (dental insurance) card
-Oyster card (London transport)
-A McDonalds coffee loyalty card (with four stickers - two more to go and I get a free cup!)
-Paying in counterfoils from the bank
-A receipt for a desk I bought at a charity shop
-A receipt from B&Q for some fence panels and timber
-A strong plastic bag, folded flat (I always carry a bag, in case I find something interesting to collect somewhere)

Not in my pocket, but will be when I leave the desk:
My bunch of keys, comprising:
-House front door key
-Car key (with a little engraved metal dog tag saying “No smoking in this vehicle, thank you”)
-Two keys for the front door at work
-A key for the fireproof safe at work
-A swisstech multi-tool
-A swisstech utili-key
-A laser pointer
-A small metal LED flashlight
-A 1GB USB flash memory thing

Right now, all I have are three pens in my breast pocket.

I’m female, but I hate carrying a purse. I prefer to carry NO bag, but if I carry any bag at all, it’s a little black shoulder bag with a ‘Gir’ from ‘Invader Zim’ on it that my sister gave me one year for Christmas.

I generally carry nothing but my keys, ATM card, maybe 3$ cash and loose change, and some lip balm.

If I’m going to work, add a few pens and my ID card. And advil. Anywhere else, I sometimes take my cellphone.

I carry almost nothing with me, but I feel robbed if my clothing has no pockets. Go figure.

I almost always have my cell phone, wallet, and keys. Wallet includes cash, debit card, credit card, and a lot of various band-aids and such. I also try to always carry a few business cards with me.

If I’m at work, I have the cordless phone in my pocket all the time. When I’m at the desk, I route the calls to the desk phone, but I spend a lot of time out and walking around during my shift…

Brendon Small