So, now, what's the most technology strapped to your hip at any given time?

On my hip I have my Blackberry, which is a java powered cell phone with wireless data that syncs over the air to my exchange calander and email. It’s also a PDA as it can also sync through a cradle for my contacts/tasks/etc.

And in my pockets:
A 256 meg memory key
A swiss army knife

Another Blackberrian (Blackberryite?) here. That one small hip attachment is pretty powerful.

1 cell phone
1 Swiss Army Knife (the Hercules model)
1 Keltec P-32
1 Timex Expedition Indiglo Chrono Alarm
2 LED flashlights
1 combination compass/thermometer
1 pair of polarized sunglasses

This stuff is actually in various pockets rather than on a hip.

Well said Uvula Donor. Some technology has not been significantly improved upon in 93 years.

On my hips, nothing but that last chocolate cupcake.

In my purse,

Cell phone

and sometimes:
leatherman mini-tool
digital camera

The most technology-laden I’ve ever been was:

Pager (work)
Cell phone (personal)
Sharp Zaurus PDA
Casio Illuminator wrist watch
Sheffield folding razor knife, or ‘box cutter’ if you will.

In addition to toting a laptop bag with laptop and laptop/PDA accessories (media docking station, folding infrared keyboard, spare energy paks, digital camera, memory cards, AC adapters, batteries, PCMCIA cards, stereo output-to-FM Radio transmitter, car adapters, assorted cables, ultra-slim external USB hard drives, etc.)

These days I mostly leave the PDA, laptop and assorted accessories at home.

My husband commented on his geekiness the other day - he was carrying his work laptop, two pagers, his personal cellphone & brand-new iPod.

I usually have my cellphone, PDA & 256 meg keydrive in my purse, along with a digital camera.

The most technology laden I ever get is when I’m on vacation, getting ready to go geocaching.
In that case, DogDad and I between the two of us have:

2 pagers
2 cellphones
1 laptop computer
2 digital watches
1 256Mb Jump Drive / memory key
1 128 Mb Jump Drive
2 Swiss Army Knives
1 mini-maglite
1 digital camera
1 All-purpose folding tool (cheap leatherman rip-off, unfortunately)
1 GPSr
2 FRS radios (though we HAVE 4, and we take them on vacation with us. We leave two with my parents, so they can contact us if necessary).
Coupla those keychain lights
And possibly a camcorder as well.

But I still do not have a PDA. I’m severly lacking in geekquipment!

My phone stays in the car, my knives stay in my backpack, my huge car key with the huge electronic fob stays in my jacket, which I’m not wearing. The cheap digital watch is the only tech I’m carrying, and my wallet, coins, comb, and keys are the only thing in my pockets.

Hm, on my person at any given time?

Sitting here at home at my desk [just hanging out, sweats and tshirt, no shoes]
A spyderco Cricket FRN clipped inside my bra, a russian mechanical self winding watch [analog], my diabetes/allergy dogtag on a necklace with a set of nail clippers, spare car key and one of mrAru’s navy issue dogtags, cell phone in a pocket.

My windbreaker gets my pda with language translation chip [pda case has 3 more chips with assorted goodies on it, most of the Baen ebook offerings through this past march, rand mcnalley atlas, evercrack characters and UI files=) and a spade USB patch/power cord] my handy dandy little kodak dc20 camera in case I see something I want a quick snap of=) also my wallet with most all of my stuff [spare picture ID, birth certificate and other important papers locked up in desk.]

loaded for bear?
laptop backpack with my laptop, spare battery, every patchcord I need including a standard telephone cord for using dial up in case there is nothing else available, spare batteries for my trackman cordless trackball, spare atek micro mouse, keyboard light on gooseneck, webcam, 12 disc folio with my whole backup set of programs and 1 disc of documents/mp3s/important emails. Small zippy pouch [came with the paul mitchel shampoo, conditioner, bar of soap and something else…] paul mitchel tea tree shampoo tube [doubles as body soap] toothpaste, travel toothbrush, antiperspirant, dental floss, half dozen super tampons, half dozen overnight with wings ultrathin pads [can double as a bandage in a pinch, add duct tape and wrap=)] a cigarette lighter [generic butane] and a small selection of my meds, 3 days worth rotated out every time i replace my regular supply] note pad and pen, and a ‘traveling outfit’ of a knit t-shirt material dress [short sleeve with sort of jacket in same fabric, mid calf length in basic black. unopened package of pantyhose, black, black leather mary janes and 2 sets undies. I am thinking of getthing that spiffy little motorola cell phone charger that you hand crank=) wonder if it could be rigged to recharge my pda…

I could go almost anywhere at the drop of a hat with just my backpack, all I would need is to grab my passport, and have the money to get clothing at my destination. My favorite traveling clothes are microfiber slacks in basic black, black sneekers, and a silk shirt in slate blue. Goes nicely with my all weather blue lined with black windbreaker [it was comfortable in stuttgard in feb this spring, I rarely get into anyhing heavier unless I am out hiking in the woods for a long time=)

Most of the time I have a cell phone, a digital watch and my badge. The most gargoyle-mode I’ve been in was with: pager, cell phone, pen drive, NOAA weather radio, 2M/440 dual band ham radio and a PDA. Everything except the pen drive and the PDA were on my belt. It’s a wonder I didn’t look like Aahnuld by the end of the day.


Touche, mon ami!

Yes, I actually have a case that will strap a laptop to a backpack/rucksack, and is supposedly good for a belt too–although I suspect the weight of the damn thing would pull my pants down at less than appropriate times. :eek:

99.98% of the time, I just throw the shoulder strap on it and carry it around that way. But even then, it’s “at my hip”.

The other 0.02% of the time, I’m dorking around in the office figuring out how it’s supposed to strap to my belt.

Being female, I don’t have a lot of choices about what to carry around on my waist or in my pockets. I prefer not to wear pants (for no reason other than I just think they are uncomfortable), and women’s clothing doesn’t always lend itself to attaching things to one’s waist. It also seems to be a trend that women’s clothing (skirts, dresses, or pants) is not allowed to have pockets.

I started wearing/carrying a fanny pack around, just to have a place to stick a wallet and my cell phone…

That said, I normally carry with me:

-a cell phone: My employer does NOT have this number. The only reason I have a cell phone is so that my kids or their school can reach me relatively easily, or in case DH has something to tell me that can’t wait until dinner time.

-a PDA: The above-mentioned kids have a LOT of doctor appointments and extra-curricular activities, and I wouldn’t be able to function without the calendar on my trusty TREO 90. I like the fact that the Treo 90 has a flip cover, to keep the screen from getting scratched or damaged while it hangs out in my fanny pack or pocket.

-a small Swiss pocketknife: I find this incredibly useful for everything, from trimming hangnails to skinning CAT5 cable.

-a keyring with my car keys and house key: I have killed ignition switches in a couple of cars with a too-heavy keyring, so I paired this one down to the minimum. However, I usually have my keyring with me on the off-chance that I need something from my car while I’m at work. When I get home, it gets hung on the key rack so I know where to find it the next morning.

-a change-purse: This lets me have a couple of bucks to buy lunch with. I work at a school with a large culinary department, so the cafeteria tends to serve above-average dishes. Buying salmon with dill sauce and a side of asparagus for $2.50 is better than PB& J for lunch any day. (We even get free sushi when the International Cuisine class decides to experiment!)

There is an IT guy at work who has picked up the nickname “Batman” because he has so many pieces of equipment attached to his waist.

Hey! We have almost all that stuff PLUS two PDA’s when we go geocaching!!!

Well, we don’t have pagers, since we both have cell phones… But we do have 3 FRS radios (one of which has weather stations in it). I also don’t wear any kind of watch at all. I kill off battery-powered watches in a couple of months, plus they make my arm break out in a rash, so I gave up watches many years ago. (My PDA and cell phone both display time, though, so the watch really is redundant.)

I’m also considering a second GPS unit, so that DH and I can hunt together without having to trade the unit back and forth.

Hmmm… wonder if I should add a Palm/GPS unit to my Christmas list…

While at school, I usually have with me:

mp3 player (like an iPod, but a different brand)
TI-83 graphing calculator
cell phone

and that’s pretty much it. Sometimes I bring my Curta for the easier stuff when I’m in the mood for questions from neighboring kids.

In my bag at pretty much all times:

Cell phone
Digital camera
Palm Pilot
Mini cassette recorder
Mini Maglite
USB thumb drive

When I need more technology, I schlep along:

USB Flexi-light

And in the car, for trips:

Handheld GPS unit

One day a friend pointed out that if someone stole my purse, I’d be out nearly $1,800 without even considering any cash I had in my wallet. I pointed out that my wallet was a gift and is from Coach and so I’d be out $2,000 before considering my cash. :eek: Once I said it, I felt even worse. I really shouldn’t take everything with me all the time, but it’s always the times when I don’t have something that I want or need it the most.


Gameboy Advance SP
Link cable
Wireless Connecter
Laptop Computer
Seiko Watch

I think that’s about it.

Yes, the Batman Factor is significantly diminished.

Earlier this year, I got a Treo, so that’s taken the place of the Palm Pilot and phone. However, the BF reduction was negated by the recent addition of an iPod Mini.

Most days, I keep my iPod in my pocket, my laptop in my backpack and my Treo in my other pocket. Don’t need much else.

One of the guys who works for my company won a Blackberry in a drawing at a trade conference. This led everyone else to get Blackberries, too, and now we have an enterprise plan. I’m the only one with a Treo and I might convert to the Blackberry at some point.

I’m not nearly that geeky.

I keep my cell phone on my waistband so I can get to it in a hurry. My Palm Pilot and sometimes CD player with headphones are in my purse. I recently had to get a larger bag to contain all the stuff I have to carry.

My cell phone is the Emergency Mommy BatPhone and my Palm Pilot is a major lifesaver.