I Love the 70's (on VH-1)

Talk about being late to the game! Flipping channels last night and found Volume 2 of I Love the 70’s. Apparently there’s been a Volume 1 and an I Love the 80’s, and who knows what else!

What a hoot!

I went searching to see if this is out on DVD and couldn’t find any at Amazon, so I didn’t search further.

Anyone know if these will be available on DVD at some point. My daughter would love them. I was old in the 70’s, but I enjoyed the show anyway.

I get such a kick out of these shows! Hope they keep making 'em. I have not seen any sign of a DVD release, but the shows are rerun on VH-1 over and over, so you will probably be able catch them all eventually.

Why is Michael Ian Black on these things? The man never says anything even remotely intelligent! Is he really a moron or does he just play one on TV?

What gets me about those shows is that a lot of the people making comments aren’t old enough to remember much from the decade. Heck, I don’t remember much from those decades and I was old enough to remember. No, it’s not due to drugs just a bad memory and a desire to not really want to remember much from the late 70’s and entire 80’s.

Wile E, I wondered about that too. The younger ones must have been weaned on TV Land. Or maybe they were coached.

I have to see a movie about ten times before I can recite lines from it, and even then . . .

I wouldn’t have remembered Kristy McNichol wearing a halter top in an episode of Family. Hell, I’d have to IMDB just to remember Family.

It is kind of weird that the “nostalgia” thing kicks in so quickly these days. VH-1 has already done “I Love the '90s.” Heck, the '90s ended seven years ago. I can’t work up a very big batch of nostalgia for something so recent. I wonder if the people who love the '90s are mostly kids who were born in the '90s. Seven years may be half a lifetime to them.

VH1 had a dilemma with this show- use commentary by famous people who actually remember the 1974 oil crisis for example, who are now old and unhip, or use young hip people like the Donnas to comment on things they can’t possibly remember. They chose the latter. But as said earlier, the nostalgia is still a hoot.

Huh. I remember most of the stuff they talk about on the show, and I’d hate to think that all the people from that timeframe are old and unhip. I mean, I’m certainly old and unhip but there must be some people from the 70s who aren’t completely useless.

They do have actual 70s people for some segments, like John Waters’ “porn or not porn” segment, Gloria Gaynor’s “survivors” bit, that Nellie Ollsen Alison gal for “then and now” and so on. I like the Charo segments.

So far there’ve been three 80s versions, two 70s and two 90s. I couldn’t make it all the way through the third 80s one. The barrel was pretty thoroughly scraped.

The first installment (I Love the 80s) was vastly superior to all of the sequels. IMO the production (stupid crap on the screen) got a LOT more annoying for I Love the 90s, plus somebody decided it would be great to have all of the commentators sing along with the songs instead of saying funny things about them.

Michael Ian Black was VERY funny in the first installment but I think by now most of the people are just going through the motions.

From what I’ve heard, all the music and video clips used in the various series make it seriously unlikely that any of the “I Love the Decade” will be released on DVD. Apparently it is different giving permission to use a clip on a TV compared to using it on a DVD. I believe it’s the same thing that has made “WKRP in Cincinatti” have so much trouble being released.

Jeez…you mean the 5 times a day they show these things on VH1 isn’t enough!!! :smiley:

Between these and Top 100 countdowns (soon enough, VH1 is going to be running Top 100 Top 100 Countdowns of All Time :P), what other time is left on VH1?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve watched up to 1975 or so. They’re good, but not as good as the first series.

I hate the way they keep showing the same segment intro/outros over and over for each year. In a ~40 minute show another ~10 minutes is duplicate crap you’ve already seen in the 1970 episode. The Charo segment is completely useless, and the Bob Eubanks segment is close to useless.

Overall I like them but I hit my 30 sec skip button a lot. Most of the commentators are good. I got a little crush on Rachel Harris.

I like Best Week Ever too, here’s a list of the panelists, many are on I Love the 70’s:

Daughter has basic cable, no VH-1, and I don’t have a VCR to record them for her. So there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Does she have a broadband connection? VH1.com has video on demand. Not sure if they have the whole I Love the 70’s shows, but I think the have Best Week Ever.

She has DSL. Is that broadband? (Showing my ignorance here, but there ya go.)

Ditto. MY wife loves her some Hal Sparks.

Although Charo’s “back when my coochie coochie was just a little kitchie kitchie” line makes me cringe a bit.

Yep that should work.