I love The White House now! (the building itself)

Jimmy Carter was the last American president that I truly liked, but there was no internet (available to me) when he was in office. I hated Reagan, and the two Bushes, and only barely tolerated Clinton. Now, there’s a president in the White House that I adore and am excited by, so for the first time I’m paying attention to the White House itself.

This is an amazing web site, the White House Museum, that shows floor plans and links to numerous pages about practically each room and area of the White House and White House grounds, which, I didn’t know was so big.

Among the dozens of interesting things I’ve found are:

There’s an outdoor swimming pool! I had no idea. There are solar panels on the roof of the cabana. To get to the pool, there’s no need to walk overground. There’s an staircase that leads from the underground Situation Room to the Cabana.

There used to be an indoor swimming pool, but it got renovated into a press area. If you scroll all the way down there are cool pictures of the old swimming pool. That looked so great. What a shame to lose it. Actually, it’s still there, under the press room, and can only be accessed via a trap door.

A childrens’ garden, complete with a climbable tree! I think Sasha is going to have a ball there when it gets warm. She and Malia will put their handprints in the pavers.

An outdoor basketball court, which I’m sure President Obama is happy about. He’s said he’ll build an indoor court too.

A tennis court, which caused the death of Calvin Coolidge’s 16-year old son.

A measly putting green.

A movie theater. (for a recent picture of President Obama using it, forward to pic #8)

A bowling alley. (Obama to Republicans: “I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE!”)

A Solarium (aka Sun Room, aka Sky Parlor) and its Promenade.

The Music Room.

The Game Room.

The Workout Room. (that’s a helluva clock!)

A Chocolate Shop!

A Flower Shop.

The White House even has its own doctor’s office and dentist’s office (scroll down to the bottom)

A Kitchen Pantry, a Pastry Kitchen, a Butler’s Pantry, a whole room for China.

It goes on and on and on. Floor-by floor, sub-basement to roof, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways (every hallway is important, it seems), elevators, closets, kitchens (Main Kitchen, Family Kitchen, Diet Kitchen…huh?), dining rooms (State, Family, Private), a library (I like the Curator’s library better), and so much more, with links to almost all the rooms, usually with multiple pictures from over the years, and a history. What a great web site!

I’m fascinated by all of the changes and renovations over the years, especially in the bedrooms. I imagine Michelle will come under fire as soon as she starts renovating anything. Look at the firestorm that developed when she said she would decorate the girls’ bedrooms with Pottery Barn. She should do what she wants. It’s her/their home now, for the next 4-8 years.

Have you been reading my mind?

Just the other day I was thinking about whether there was an outdoor swimming pool at the White House (so Sasha and Malia could swim if they wanted to); I decided there couldn’t be, since there seemed to be no space for it.


Cool links and site.

last i remember reading about the indoor pool was that either ford or carter considered pool reno. it was considered until they found out that a huge rat family had moved in! then it was decided the press room it was and always should be.

The picture you always see of the White House, the one depicted on the White House seal, makes it look like just a big house with pillars.

It’s actually a gigantic edifice, not really a house at all - a palace, really - and the grounds it’s one are quite large.

Yet it always seems surprising when you realize how big it is.

I love that fact! “Well folks, the asteroid is headed towards us and it’s going to wipe out all life on earth…how about one last swim?”