the Sarah Palin White House

Well, the Palin Oval Office. Just drag & click, and keep opening up the door.

My favorite part is the diplomas on the wall. And the photos of mavericks. And the dinosaur. And the deer. And the red phone. And “Politics for Dummies”. :smiley:

ahhahaha I just found the light switch :smiley:

Outstanding. I loved the sash, and the oil rigs outside.

Try the phone. :smiley:

Couric being waterboarded in the closet was pretty funny. (Not that I approve of torture, but I am given to understand that this is simply an ‘advanced interrogation’ method)

If I say that I am surprised that there is no way to make her flash the view, does it mean I am going to hell?

Turn up your speakers, mouse over the globe until it spins. Then click the globe in different places while it’s spinning.

The deer in the closet is inspired!

If you haven’t already, click on the deer

That’s incredible.

It’s updated every day 'til the election. I think what was new today was the flat-screen monitor on the table behind Palin. Click on it to watch what the tickers say.

Has anyone else gotten the Joe’s Plumbing van to show up? And only 12 “wolf kills”?

If you raise the blinds and wait long enough, a dinosaur will go walking by.

I like the “bridge to nowhere” on her desk.

and the dart board for baby names…

…and the copy of “Science” in the garbage

I’m kinda partial to the secret compartments in her desk.

How does that work? Question-I can’t remember if that painting was FDR or Truman?
My favorite is the dinosaur so far. Anyone try the couch cushions?

I first saw this posted elsewhere. I like the rifle that falls out of the drapes on the window on the right.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how I got that to work. Since then I’ve repeatedly clicked around all over the place and no more Joe’s van. :frowning: But for the record, when it does show up, you should look for it in the far right window.

Sorry I’m no more help.

It’s the little puddle on the corner of the desk next to the soldier (caused by the drip from the ceiling)