What's the worst that could happen?

Americans, think of your dwindling reputation. You don’t want to risk this happening, do you? Do the right thing…vote the young dude, not the creaky old fella.

p.s. Click on the light switch.

Oh, they’ve changed it since I looked at it last. Added more stuff!

OK, “Joe the Chair” made me crack up.

I bet Sarah isn’t the only one who’d like to waterboard Katie Couric.

But the velociraptor walking past the window was just odd.


“Joe the Light Bulb”

“Joe the Maude Sofa”

Even better the second time around!

“Joe the Little Man on the Horse”

That site makes me laugh. Clicking on one of the critters outside the door made my daughter laugh so hard she spewed cola out of her nose.

Mauve sofa.

Where’s the one about waterboarding Katie Couric?

Which critters are those?

It’s the third thing that comes up when you open the door. The critters come after it.

  • Clicks on Red Phone *

“Uh-oh !”

Please help.The only door I see is the one to the left with shopping bags from Saks and Nieman Marcus behind it. And clicking on it again just closes the door.

ETA: Disregard. I found them.

That’s pretty cute. I liked the rifle falling out of the curtain.

My favorites are the justice statue:

Roe vs. Wade
Charlie Brown vs. Board of Education
Miranda, Carrie, Charlotte and Samantha vs. Arizona
Batman vs. Joker
Tyson vs. Holyfield
Smurfs vs. Gargamel
Alien vs. Predator

And …

‘You can’t hide from me, gotcha media!’

And …

‘That’s 100% Alaskan seal pup skin.’

Oooh… ETA

Joe Curtain.

Joe the little man on a horse.

This seems more silly than contentious, so I’m going to move it to Joe the SDMB Forum.

Oh that’s cute. Click on the front of the desk, you get a line scratched on it. Click again, and you get another and another; then it says “Wolf Kills”

No, the best is clicking on the empty frames on the wall!

Now it’s even better! Sarah is gone, nothing works anymore - She’s done!

Oh that’s funny…they changed it to get it ready for Obama.