I loved Monkey Island

Ooooh yes… it was a long time ago. I loved all 4 of them.

I’m not into games as a rule, so I don’t have any idea what’s out there.

Can someone please recommend a game that a Monkey Island fan would really love.


PS - I’m on a mac now

Now you didn’t hear this from me but there’s this thing out there called SCUMMVM. It allows one to play all of the LucasArts adventure games and quite a few from other companies on pretty much any modern platform including Mac. I last played Monkey Island on my Nintendo DS, for example. So you could play Sam and Max Hit the Road or Full Throttle on your current Mac. Of course you’d have to dig out your original CD’s for the data files…

Unfortunately the current Sam and Max stuff is not available for Macs. The same goes for Tim Schafer’s (the creator of Monkey Island) most recent game Psychonauts. I’m only mentioning those since they’re the most logical connection and someone has been cruel.

I strenuously suggest Day of the Tentacle and Sam & Max Hit The Road. Same kinds of games, same amount of zany. Full Throttle is also nice, but waaaay too short.
Finally, Grim Fandango is a bit more serious, in that it runs more on odd, weird and smartass rather that rubber chickens with pulleys in them, but it’s still one of the greatest adventure games I ever played.

Grim Fandango is one of those games that is different from any other game I played and I loved it.

Rex Nebular

The graphical Zork releases are great.
Return to Zork - Low quality graphics many puzzles.
Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands - Good graphics many puzzles much like Myst.
Zork Grand Inquisitor - Good graphics and puzzles. The game is close to the original series humor. This is the one I’d get if I only got one.

To hijack… remember the Return to Zork playbill? Okay, it wasn’t really a playbill but the concept was the same. The box came with an oversized booklet featuring headshots of all the actors they digitized and small biographies.

Of course I wouldn’t hire any of them based on their acting in Return to Zork. The days when FMV was used as a selling point were very strange times.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll certainly be having a look at a few of these.

Yes I remember. I didn’t care who they had acting the parts though. The important part was the need for a faster cd drive so the movies played justifying the equipment upgrade.

Another recommendation for Grim Fandango. Also, in adventure games, I really loved Syberia and its sequel. Very moody, very pretty games, though lower on the humor, but higher on the general effects and feeling.

I found Zork really creepy and freaky. I barely remember it other than that.

You know, this Tim Schafer guy has written a few other games. Psychonauts, for one. It’s pretty good. And there’s this new game called Brutal Legend coming out in a bit. Maybe you’ll like his stuff.


I recommend the new Monkey Island episodes :slight_smile: :


You just beat me to it, Borsch! Good eye!


I hope it’s voice acted by the guy from 3 and 4!

Fantastic! Who’d have thought :slight_smile:

It is. :slight_smile:

That team page should have some other familiar names as well, including Michael Land, the composer of the incredible soundtracks of the previous MI games. And Ron Gilbert has given the new game his blessing - something that, to my knowledge, he never did for CMI or EMI.

I am so fucking excited about this.

I’m so excited! I’ve been working on this project for several months and have had to keep it hush hush. No more keeping secrets!

Ron actually came by the studio for a couple days and helped with some ideas, so he gave it more than his blessing.

The good and bad news is it’s the same company that’s making the current Sam and Max stuff (that Monkey Island series is really underpromoted; I hadn’t heard of it until this thread and I’ve been playing the Sam and Max games as they get commercial releases). That means they’ll be good little adventure games but at the same time they won’t be available for Mac.

ETA: Announced today? That would explain why I hadn’t heard of it. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome that a Doper’s working on the new games. I’m sure you’re not allowed to say anything about it, so I won’t ask. Instead I’ll ask - how was working with Ron?

I just pre-ordered the Monkey island episodes and I got a free coupon for any episode on the Telltale website. Anybody have any suggestion which episode I should download? I like Sam&Max. Does the episode have a connecting plot or are they independent from each other?

The same goes for the Sam & Max games. Former Doper SolGrundy is one of the writers for the series. He also wrote and programmed for the original Curse of Monkey Island.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get in on those sessions - he met with the designers and I am on the programming team. Everyone who worked with him had great things to say though. I’m actually allowed to talk about it much more than I was before today so feel free to ask.

Almost all of our episodes are pretty independent. There are always some jokes here and there that won’t make sense unless you follow the series, but it shouldn’t mess up the gameplay much. If you like Sam & Max, I would recommend 201: Ice Station Santa. If it were me, I would grab Wallace & Gromit 101 which we just released. I’m also partial to the Strong Bad series, I think 104: Dangeresque was the best of those.