I loves me some button fly jeans.

Love that weekend, hip, faded, relaxed look of 'em. The fact that it takes a bit longer to get them closed up after a pee. Especially love the pop…pop…pop…pop!… anticipation when someone is taking her sweet time trying to get me out of them.

And a zip neck black mock sweater over a white t-shirt.

And a great pair of black leather ankle boots with a sturdy thick rubber sole.
Yep. I feel good today. :cool:

I love button fly jeans on a man…woo. I like the way it sits against them, and I do agree opening them is a special thrill. I like them if they’re a little tiny bit loose and low-slung.

Is it getting hot in here?

Yep. Low rise is a must. Just loose enough. And no crap in the pockets to make the bulge.

…And a great leather belt with a buckle that actually jingles with that satisfying metalic sound when undone.

And a button-down shirt, opened up, while he lounges on the couch. :: fans self ::

Clearly a cry for attention. That arrogant bastard! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to crash your party, folks, but I can’t stand button-flies. Good ol’ zipper fly for me. Zip up, zip down. No fumbling in the dark. No 5-second wait to take a piss. Then again, my reproductive organs being internal, I’ve never caught them in a zipper. I don’t believe Quicksilver mentioned this, but could it have influenced his opinion perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue:

… huge pasty white gut spilling out over the top of said button-fly jeans …
ooh. Sorry about that mental image.

Nah, that’s just why underwear is a requirement.

Sorry as well… every pair of button-fly jeans I’ve owned, the buttonholes gave out before the rest of the pants did. I’ve only ever had one zipper break. As my reproductive organs are external, I take care to not get them caught in anything I don’t want them in, and zippers are no exception.

I love my 501’s. It’s finding them in my size that sucks. (32/34)


Says who?

They say it’s better to look good than to feel good, but it sounds like you’ve got both covered. :wink:

Sure. It looks that way now.

But the day is young and almost anything (everything?) can still go very wrong.


Give me a pair of well-worn jeans, hiking boots, and a dark leather jacket, and I’ll be swooning at your feet. happy sigh

Okay, but what the hell am I gonna wear? It’s fucking cold out.

Scarf, mittens, hat, earmuffs, snowpants, snow jacket, and big snow boots.

If you wanna be a sissy man. :wink:

Scratch the earmuffs and make the hat a coonskin cap. Oh and instead of a coat, wear a bearskin. From a bear you killed yourself.

Then you won’t look like a sissy.

Maybe you should carry a hatchet too…

I’ve shovelled more snow than you’ve seen little girl. Don’t make me come up there and paddle your ass with my snow scraper.


Hold on a sec, let me get my camera…

I second the dislike of button fly jeans. If you’re drinking (and I mean anything over two drinks) they’re such a chore. They also wreak havoc on long nails. Nope…I’ll stick with the zipper fly thankyouverymuch.