Men's Underwear...with no fly

I’m wearing today a new pair of briefs, in a different style and brand than usual. So I just went to the men’s room to shake the dew off the lily, and unzip, and then fumble around inside my pants for an unseemly amount of time, looking for the fly.

it turns out that these briefs ain’t got no fly.

WTF? Why would someone make men’s briefs with no opening in the front for easy access?

That’s absurd. You should return them to the store (soaked in piss) and demand a refund.

Didn’t know anyone actually used the fly. Easier to just push the waistband down.

Where did you buy them?

I don’t believe I’ve ever made use of the fly, and I’d like to get some “flyless” ones.

Costco. Calvin Klein.

It’s easier to push the waistband down if you’re wearing sweatpants maybe, but if you’re wearing slacks with 2 buttons and belt – no.

I’ve never used the fly, no matter what else I’m wearing.

Same here. Someone should do s poll

I’ve not used the fly since I button my boxers onto my dress shirt.

Really? Don’t you run the risk of your nice pants dropping to the men’s room floor around your ankles?

The idea of not using the fly is utterly unthinkable to me…I have been using the fly in underwear as long as I can remember.

When you people say you don’t use the fly, instead pulling down the waistband, do you mean that you unzip the fly on your trousers, and then, through that fly, insert your finger or thumb to pull down the waistband of your underwear, then flip your schlong out over the pulled-down waistband, and then piss?

I just tried doing that. I really don’t understand the point of it, or how it is superior or more convenient than using the fly in the underwear. You have to jab your thumb through the trousers fly to pull down the underwear waistband, a totally awkward and unnatural movement, to me, and then you either have to keep holding it down or else have the waistband snug under the base of the penis, right where it meets the scrotum. Why would you want either of those when you could just put the dick through the fly?

Are you sure they weren’t just on backwards?

You don’t go through the fly.

Unbutton jeans. Pull down boxer waistband. Do business.

The advantage of boxers with no fly is that there is no opportunity for my junk to rub against my zipper.

Perhaps are penises are…easier to find…than yours. :slight_smile:

I never understood the old bathroom rhyme that starts “No matter how much you shake…” until the last time this came up, and I learned that there really are men who pee through the fly of their briefs, and it’s not just there because some seamstress who’d never used a penis thought it would be practical.

Unbutton and push the elastic down. Never had a problem keeping my pants up whether they are jeans or slacks. Fishing willy out through two flies is awkward as he’ll, and it makes it impossible to clear those last few drops, so they end up in your shorts. Gross.

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I thought of that. :slight_smile:

OUR penises.


I honestly can’t remember the last time I had underwear with a fly. Seems like all the ones I buy over here are of the push-down-the-band variety. I don’t seek them out, that’s just the way they are. Now I’m wondering if I could find ones with flies.

Yes. Bike riders will understand this.

I usually wear boxers. They’ve always got a fly, but I never use it. I thought that was normal. Never really thought about why the fly exists.

I wear briefs, occasionally, when playing sports. The ones I have don’t have a fly. No big deal - pull the waistband down.

Undo the button at the waistband of trousers/jeans and unzip (they shouldn’t fall down - if they do, I dunno man, maybe your stance is off or something). Pull down waistband of boxers/briefs and extract cock. Piss. Replace cock. Zip up and button trousers/jeans. Wash hands. Back into the fray.

I’m shocked and kind of disturbed by how common the pull-down-the-band bullshit appears to be. I can’t believe you guys are doing this. You’d rather go through the steps of undoing a button AND undoing a zipper, then pulling down a band (which requires an unnecessary motion of the wrist) than just simply unzipping your fly and pushing your penis through the underwear fly and then through the pants fly?

Your method:

Button, zipper, band, penis.

My method:

Zipper, penis.

Which of those is more logical? Good God.