tighty whities

OK, gentlemen, for those who wear (or wore) tighty whities, here is the question:

When you pee, do you use the “fly” provided, or do you move the leg band aside? This is a debate I had with someone in college years ago, and never really found a way to do a survey - until now.

I use the fly, but I usually don’t wear those type. It’s usually Hanes bikinis without the fly, so I have to move the legband.

TMI, but I scrunch the top down. Fastest most efficient. The fly provided is goofy, I’ve never used it. As far as moving the leg aside, that would require dropping pants down, which is uncool at a stand-up.

I also scrunch down, quick and easy.

I pull the top down and whip it out as well, for the same reason. That’s not to say it’s not done, though … I was in Reagan National Airport in DC last week and walked into the restroom, and when I went to the wall of urinals, there’s this guy there with his pants around his ankles using the urinal. I would assume that’s the reason why … but I dunno, he may just not like holding his pants up when he pees. Weirded me out a little, though.

I wear boxers but most of them have the " fly " thing in the front too. However I never use it. I don’t know why they bother with that thing.

I use the fly all the time. In fact, in another thread I was complaining about Jockey underwear because the flap opened weird and I couldn’t use it. Good old Hanes.

If I use the scrunch down method it’s not very comfortable.

I also had the unfortunate experience of the guy with his pants (and undies) down around his ankles at the urinal. Weirded me out…

OK, this is definitely a TMI situation BUT…some years ago my wife was going to “surprise” me by sewing together the flap on my J.C. Penney briefs on an April 1. (She’d heard about the trick on some TV show) That evening she finally couldn’t wait and asked me if I’d had any “interesting situations” that day. When I looked blank, she admitted her trick, whereupon I admitted to her that I used the “scrunch down” method and had no clue that she’d tried to pull one over on me, so to speak.

My husband also uses the “scrunch-down” method. In fact (I had to reply after Hometownboy’s post), he asks me to sew the fly shut on the boxers he wears as pajamas if they do not come with a button or something to close the fly. He just doesn’t like to be “hangin’ out” while watching Saturday morning cartoons and things like that.

I just pull it out of the bottom of my pant leg. . .

Just scrunch it down, never use the tiny fly provided.

Currently, I prefer boxers and use the fly, but there was a day and time I wore briefs. Back in the day, I used the thumbs-in-the-elastic method to free Willie and take care of the business at hand. :smiley:

Do you use a catheter, or did you cut it off and it got caught in your sock on the way down? :stuck_out_tongue:

I scrunsh mt pants and boxers down. I hate the little fly. Most of my boxers, though, have a button, so I don’t ‘hang out’ when hangin’out. (sorry, I couldn’t resist the awful pun.)

I wore briefs until I graduated from high school, and I always used the scrunch down method as well. This thread has been pretty enlightening for me, since I always assumed everyone else used that stupid underwear fly. It always looked pretty uncomfortable to me.

I wear boxers now, but I don’t use the fly on those either. It’s still uncomfortable having the cloth squeeze your dick, and it’s just so much faster to go out the top, especially when there’s a button to deal with.

Never in my life, and I am not exaggerating when I say “never,” have I ever seen (not that I’m looking, but I mean in public bathrooms), heard of, or known any grown man who urinated in any way other than pulling down the waistband, regardless of the type of undergarment worn. Really. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I’d wager that an incredibly large percentage of men–99% is about right–do it this way. I’ve never even heard of the “legband” method; it seems as if it’d be a bit awkward.

Oh well; pee however you want, I suppose. Makes no difference to me. :slight_smile:

Chiming in on the scrunch side.
I, too, have never seen or heard of anyone using the fly in briefs. I wear boxers or boxer briefs now, but until 12 or so, was forced to wear briefs. Even then, none of my friends admitted to using the fly. Why bother, when you can just scrunch right down? One easy push, compared to unwrapping it from around your waist, threading it through the fly, THEN peeing?

I also “scrunch down,” though I object to the word “scrunch” for some reason… I’m always worried that if I use the fly thing, I might accidently end up peeing on my pants. There is one practical use for the fly thing though–it helps when you have a quickie.

Seems like the scrunch down method is the one of choice. It’s the one I use. And yes I’ve gone into public restrooms and seen people with pants down around their ankles. Talk about weirding you out. I just don’t get it.

I remember reading somewhere that brief fly use is pretty closely tied to age, almost everyone who uses the scrunch-down method is under a certain age, while most men over a certain age use the fly.

When I wore briefs (I think I stopped in high school) I used the scrunch down method. When I switched to boxers, I used the fly most of the time. Now that I wear boxer-briefs, sometimes I use scrunch-down, sometimes I use the fly.

Interesting tidbit - flies are still incorporated into most men’s underwear because flyless underwear was seen as feminine, no different from panties. I kinda agree, flyless underwear does look kinda funny to me.

But if you must know…
Scrunch down and over the top.
Fastest and most convienient.