Men's underwear, fly or no fly?

Most men’s underwear comes with a fly. That is a hole in the front, through which you’re apparently supposed to insert your penis while while peeing. I have never used this, and until this thread, I was completely unaware that there were people who did. I always assumed it was just some holdover from earlier times, like the way men’s shirts have the buttons on the right and women’s on the left.

So. Who uses the fly, and who undoes their belt and buttons, and then pulls the waistband down, like normal, god-fearing* Americans**?

*I’m atheist
**and Canadian

I used to pull the waistband down. For some reason I changed, and now I can’t imagine why I used to take the time to undo the belt and all. It’s fly for me all the way.

And someone in that thread mentioned it depended on what they were wearing-- maybe that should be a poll option, if you can still edit?

Too late, though I probably wouldn’t add it anyway. I hate polls that try to cover every conceivable combination of circumstances. I’m looking for general opinions, not gathering statistics.

If you do it sometimes, more often than the occasional “What the hell is this for I don’t get it” experimentation, then you’re a fly user, and you should vote accordingly.

If using the fly is the abnormal thing to do, then why the fuck is the fly there?

It’s a holdover from something something. Same reason we have nipples.

Poll fail!

I pee like a normal person: through the fly.

You assumed that the fly on men’s underpants was a decorative nod to our ancestors? WTF? Why would I want to unbuckle my belt, unbutton my pants and unzip them, followed by stretching out my boxer shorts by pulling them over my dick before urinating. Why on earth would I ever do that, when I can unzip and fish my dick out of my pants without disturbing my belt, pants button or tucking my shirt back in when I’m done?

Cui bono?

No. That doesn’t cut any ice. What could it be a holdover from? Underwear is designed by human beings, it’s not the product of millions of years of evolution. Humans who design clothes in this day and age usually design them to be functional, and the fly is not just there for the hell of it. It has a purpose. Use it.

Why do you undo your belt?
Perhaps my…never mind.

It’s too much work to fumble around and try to pull the damned thing through the fly.

  1. Undo zipper.
  2. Pull waistband down with left thumb.
  3. Whip out Mr. Happy.
  4. Pee.
  5. Put Mr. Happy back in.
  6. Wonder why an additional 1/2 ounce of pee just decided to expel in my underwear.

It’s pretty simple, really.

To pull your pants down? Or did you think the OP was pulling his shorts down to avoid using the inner fly while embracing all that is right about the outer fly?

Whoa, serious business. There are lots of parts of clothes that have no function and we wear because we’ve always worn them, or for fashion. Lapels, neckties, watch pockets, anything with frills, and women’s shirts still having buttons on the left immediately spring to mind. Basically everything that isn’t a jumpsuit with pockets is form over function.

I usually go over the top. It was not until relatively recently (like within the last year or two) that I discovered the utility of being able to unzip my fly without unbuckling my belt and going through the hole in the boxers and the pants to pee. This does come in handy every once in awhile, although that once in awhile seems to always be when I’m wearing briefs that don’t have the slot.

I’m sure that you’ll be equally shocked and indignant to discover that – prepare yourself! – not everybody uses the watch pocket in their pants to hold pocket watches!

A jumpsuit with pockets and a fly certainly qualifies as another exception. :smiley:

I’m honestly bewildered at the early poll results. You have underpants with a fly. You have trousers with a fly. You have a penis. These things exist in harmony with each other. Why would you deny that? What justification is there to not use the flys?

I guess if you wear briefs or even boxer briefs, it could make sense. If anyone wants to add that bit of information to their post, it could be illuminating.

The fly on underwear is a tangled weave of seams and flaps and false seams and false flaps. I just want to pull out my penis and piss, not solve a fabric Rubik’s Cube.

I honestly had no idea people un-buckled, un-buttoned, un-zipped and pulled down the waistband to pee. And I’m bewildered that, so far, it’s the majority.

Why tear apart and rebuild the house when you can go in and out the front door?

It’s unfortunate that your underpants are malfunctioning. I recommend purchasing and wearing underwear that doesn’t suck.

It’s surely a wacky world. I’m still not over the fact that some men pee sitting down and some (claim) to enjoy dancing.

I don’t unbuckle my belt or unbutton my pants and I still don’t use the fly. I use the last three fingers on my left hand to hold the elastic down and away from my package.

I normally don’t use the dick hole (you know Rosie Odonell does according to Dave Chapelle?). The only time I do is when I am in dress uniform (military) and step up to the urinal to pee. I have shirt garters and belts and undershirts and all kinds of shit folded and tucked neatly to keep the shirt looking sharp. If I want to go over the fence I have to pull the front of my shirt oout and unbutton the bottom button to pee, which is harder with shirt garters on.