I lust after a computer.

The new iMac G5.
Watch for the mods if you click the link. I think we got rules here concerning pornography. :wink:
I want one. The BIG one. :cool:

I guess if it’s just like porn, it’ll never live up to the anticipation? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

HA! I bet I lust after a computer more than you do. Any computer with more than 28mb workable RAM. Me not fussy.

Hah! the pictures are porn. I’m gonna get the real thing. Soon’s I can put a couple grand together, and Applw works the bugs out. My original iMac, got it mid '99, has more than lived up to expectations. It’s just getting a little tired, and I can respect that. I hope it’s not paying attention to this.
Goood iMac. Papa still loves you. :wink:

What I don’t get about Macs is how you can retain the geek ego, without having two-dozen cables plugged into your computer? Where do they all go?

Where ever it fits, I would say.

(You can still put a million into the side like such. )

That’s exactly the picture that made me ask…quite simply, it doesn’t look like enough :wink: … and surely the ‘sleek’ setup wouldn’t allow me to pile in PCI cards at will…so I guess it’s oh-so-sleek (and oh-so-economical) hubs, or nowt?

Yep. And then there’s hubs. That’s what USB’s all about, right?

Exactly! Where there is one cord I bet you can branch off into atleast three. Continue, wrap around, enjoy! (Old hot pockets optional.)

I think the 3rd plug from the top is video out, which could drive one of these. :cool:

Too bad the 30" only works on the G5 PowerMac (with the $600 optional video card).
I don’t have that kind of money anyway. At least until I pay off my G4.

You know you are a computer nerd when you masterbate to a picture of a computer.

The monitor looks nice, but where’s the computer? :dubious:


Which ruins the whole sleekness of having everything in the fancy-designed unit, which is what people are paying the extra bucks for, right?

I Know Which Computer You LUST After !

You mad Fanboy, you! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

One of these the Mach Quattro 64 specifcally. I think i’d like to be buried with one of those.

Though no system would be complete without this display.

Before I opened this thread, I knew it would be about the new iMac. :slight_smile:

I watched the DVD Swordfish last night. I’ll bet ol’ buttonjockey308’s seen it, and got a techwoodie in the bargain. :wink:
Halle Barry. Drool.
If you want my opinion of the movie, well, can’t do that here. [sub]Sucked[/sub].

mangeorge, considering your history of, shall we say, questionable use of dental hygiene products, the title of this thread frightens me more than a little.

Just what, exactly, do you plan to do with the iMac once you get it?

[sub]And why do I have a feeling that I am going to regret asking that question?[/sub]

I’m afraid you have me at a disadvantage, Asbestos Mango. I can’t seem to mentally connect the reference. If you had said “skillet”, I’d be on it. :wink:
No, I ain’t gonna link.

Ahhh you are not alone in your lust. I can’t stop pulling it up and getting my fill. It’s maaaahvelous, and soon to be MINE MINE MINE, once it gets over here.