I"m Gonna Getcha Good,You Punk

Excuse me while I rant.:mad:

To the punkass who attempted to break one our store windows last night:
Did you really think that nobody would see throw a full (albeit plastic) bottle of soda at our store window? And did you really think you weren’t going to get caught?Really? Because the mgr saw you and YOU know SHE knows what you did. She is already a pretty hostile person on her own but yesterday when she was sans caffeine for about 12 hrs she was worse than usual and you flipping her the bird and calling her a bitch didn’t really help any. It pissed her off even more when you ran into the Cheesecake Factory across the hall to go hide like the bumfuck coward you are. I ALSO saw your face, you stupid teenage asshat and IF I ever see you in my store again I am calling the goddamn mall security on your ass. Don’t think I won’t. Yesterday was the worst possible time for you to do that. It’s stressful and tempers are running quite high and you had to go and do that stupid shit.Don’t do it again or you will most likely find your asshat ass in a sling.

one of the stressed out,ready-to-kill-in-a-figurative-but-not-literal-sense drone masses

Which mall? I just want to know so I can avoid it. I was thinking about going to Dallas tomorrow to shop. I’m afraid now.

You’re saying that this twerp was clueless enough to throw a bottle of pop at an inside window of the Barnes & Noble? Inside the mall? Where the only place to run would be inside the mall, to another store? In other words, no quick getaway in a car?

Golly. :rolleyes: Don’t worry about busting his ass for anything, I have a feeling that Darwinian selection will catch up with him eventually.

What was a piece of human excrement doing in a Barnes & Noble in the first place?

When you catch him, are you going to torture him by playing the new Shania Twain single? That sounds rough.

No, it’s B&N. They’re going to make him read all those bad books they have to destroy because the vendors don’t want them back.

Just make him read Battlefield Earth. That’ll show him.

It’s more practical to make him watch the movie version. You get all the plot problems of the book, plus John Travolta, in only a few hours. The book takes at least 20 hours to read, and this punk isn’t likely to have the attention span to read anything longer than a 3-panel comic strip.

Damn. I thought this was going to be a rant about Shania Twain and her latest video.

Actually,S_B,I’ve read “Battlefield Earth”. Bought a copy of it at Half-Price Books for like a dollar one day cuz I was bored and needed something to read. I liked it.:smiley:

Continue with your normal, everyday ranting

IDBB(who also professes to really like the new Shania Twain video)

And prop his eyelids open ala Clockwork Orange.

Interestingly enough, it’s this kind of moron who generally grows up to be one of the “bad boys” whom you apparently “dig.”

Whaddaya know.

The world is full of contradictions,ain’t it,Hama?


Hey, I read the first half of Battlefield Earth. It’s the one and only book I’ve ever pirated off the internet (or ever will). I still felt ripped off. :slight_smile: