I made a guy at the pet store say "F&@# You" to me tonight

He wasn’t even mad!

Walmart was out of the food my finicky cat likes to eat, so I had no choice but go to the local MochaPet (WTF kind of name is that?) . As soon as I entered, a guy almost at the back of the store greeted me and asked if he could help me find something. I said I needed cat food and he walked me over to that section.

As we were walking over there he asked what brand I was looking for, I told him, and he said he didn’t think they had that kind there. We got there and he named off every brand they had, which was odd because a) I already told him what I wanted, and b) I am as capable of reading the labels as he is.

He was obviously trying to be helpful, possibly because I think I was the only customer in the store at that time. He said he feeds his cat Taste of the wild or something, and as he was finishing up telling me what they had to offer, I decided that this kid/guy (early 20’s) probably wouldn’t be uncomfortable hearing colorful language. Why I was thinking that? Who knows.

I said “Well knowing my cat, if I buy any of this other stuff she’ll just look at it and go fu…” He was still trying to be helpful and understanding, so he completed my sentence. This resulted in us simultaneously saying “fuck you.”

Immediately after that, his eyes got really wide and you could tell he was holding his breath. I wasn’t expecting him to say it too, hell I wasn’t expecting to use the term myself. It just kind of came out, for both of us it seems. I thanked him and said goodbye quickly so as to minimize any awkward silence. The last glimpse of him I had showed a sense of surprise on his face, like “Did I just say Fuck You to a customer?”

It was clear I took no offense, especially because I was saying it too, but he was visibly aghast at what just came out of his mouth.

I know it’s mundane and pointless, hence it’s forum location. I bet if it were a girl in the same situation she would have turned beet red.

I would have burst out laughing, whether I was the customer or the employee. But I guess I do that a lot. Swear and laugh. Awkward!

I would have so died laughing. And then called corp to tell them how helpful the clerk was.

I probably would have called his store and asked for the manager as well.

I’m one of those people who complain when I feel that something could be improved, but I’m also willing to call and compliment people when they do good things. Making me laugh is a good thing.

Without going into details. You don’t want to get the guy fired by explaining how he helped you.

This is one of those great moments that transcend sociality. (Is that a word?) Maybe “social acceptance.”

One spring at Walmart we needed to buy some fertilizer, and it was expensive. I told the guy “I grew up on a farm. I can’t believe I’m having to buy shit!” He grinned and said “I didn’t grow up thinking I’d be selling it!”

Hoomuns. Gotta love 'em.

At least that’s better than the cat eating the new food, then jumping up on your bed and offering a more, ah, physical expression of her disdain.

That’s what my dog did. :smack: