I made fruitcake today

Nova Scotia Black Fruitcake from the NYT Cookbook.
I substituted fruit and cranraisins for the raisins. I had to cut an end off to taste, and Mrs. Plant, Fruit Cake Hater Extraordinaire, liked it.
I will entertain questions in the thread as soon as the nice EMTs get my heart started again.

Why is it called ‘Black’ fruitcake?

I would say that if someone liked your fruitcake, it is not real fruitcake. Real fruitcake hasn’t been made since 1953, because every fruitcake ever made up to that point is still in circulation today.

My question is can you send me some? I looooooooooove fruitcake.

Heck if I know. It’s the same brown color as other fruitcake.

Waves hand wildly

I’ll take some! I love fruitcake, but when my mom and I make it it’s enough to last for two years, and this is an off year.

What was the sweetener? If you were sweetening it with black molasses, that might account for the name.

BTW, my father is another one of those few natural predators of the Fruitcake. If it weren’t for his actions, and those of others like him, we’d be up to our eyeballs in the things.

1 cup granulated and 1 cup brown sugar. I had on hand light rather than dark brown. Perhaps that is it.

I’ll post the recipe when I can type that much. How much fruitcake lasts two years? That must run into some money. The search for half price candied fruit begins Wednesday. :slight_smile:

IIRC, especially around seafaring areas, like Newfoundland, molasses was the standard sweetener for the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In the twentieth century, a lot of old recipes had to be adapted with a mix of white and brown sugar to approach the taste of those older staples.

It sounds to me like you got a hold of a bastardized Newfoundland recipe. I wonder how that fruitcake would taste with the other substitute for sugar of the time: Maple sugar.

I made fruitcake for the first time last year. Homemade is nothing like that store bought stuff.

Mmmm. Dried fruit soaked in brandy. Then the whole cake gets soaked in more brandy. What’s not to love?