I made me a birthday cake

And here it is!

It looks a lot better than last year’s cake. See, last year I didn’t have cake pans, so I had to use a straight-sided frying pan. And I was a little unclear on the concept of letting the cake cool before I put the frosting on. This year I used real cake pans and made three layers, plus I let the layers cool before frosting it. And I tried my hand at writing on it, too. First time.


I remember that cake! Wow, time flies.

We’ll have to toast you on Saturday night. Whether or NOT you’ll be there! :stuck_out_tongue: (are you going to make it? I recall you being unsure…)

This year’s cake looks much better. Doesn’t have that melting sensation to it.

Tell me you’ve tasted it. It’s good, right???

Do you always have to make your own b-day cake? So sad!!:frowning:

You’ve improved greatly! And yeah the whole cool the cake first thing is a good plan :slight_smile: Your writing is very good. I know a lot of people who get paid to write on cakes who can’t write that well.

Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

This probably wouldn’t be a good place to link to some of my cakes… it would be seen as show-off-ish.

You write very well for a one year old. Happy Birthday!

scout1222: Still don’t know. Are there directions?

earthpuppy: Yeah, but waddaya gonna do, eh? Actually, they have birthday cake at work once a month, and I’m the only June birthday there; so it’s all about me! :wink: Shayna saw my lop-sided little cake last year and made one for me, too. :slight_smile:

Thanks, tanookie and RadioWave. I have an “oil can” of Fosters and a really nice Arturo Fuente double-chateau for later. Mmmm, lager and smoke!

A huge improvement over last year.

What kind of cake is it on the inside? Chocolate? White? Yellow?

That there’s a solid looking cake. Good job! Man, I remember last year’s cake from that picture. How did it taste? Kind of reminds me of Mississippi Mudpie. That’s good stuff too.

Happy Birthday!

Directions? You want directions?

To Corvette Diner:

Get yourself onto I-5S.
Once you’re in San Diego, south of Del Mar, get onto I-805 S via the exit- on the left.

Then take CA-163 S toward DOWNTOWN, about 4 miles down the highway.

Exit on UNIVERSITY AVE, and turn RIGHT.

Turn RIGHT onto 5TH AVE.

Parking isn’t the easiest in this part of town (at least for San Diego, which generally isn’t too bad parkingwise), and you may have to pay either a meter or a paid lot.


Corvette Diner
3946 Fifth Avenue (between University and Washington), San Diego, CA 92103
The brunch place is also on Fifth (2770 Fifth Ave) so directions there would be similar.

It’s yellow cake on the inside, and chocolate fudge frosing on the outside. The lettering is purple-flavoured.

Thanks, scout1222! What time on Saturday?

When I looked at your cake from last year, the song McArthur Park popped into my head.

7:00 PM

So has your present shown up yet?

Happy happy, btw.

That is quite a spiffy looking cake there, though your Salvador Dali cake from last year makes quite the artistic statement. Happy Birthday!

Making your own birthday cake can be fun. I was a little depressed the first year I was on my own for my birthday. Then I realised I could have it any old weird flavor I wanted. Last year I made a grape flavored cake which looked really gross but tasted pretty good. This year was apricot cake with apricot mousse filling and cream cheese frosting. Yummmmm, and I was a hero when I shared, too.


I have cake, but you are going to have to get your sweet self up HERE before you reap any rewards.

Slacker. :smiley:

Cool. Another Gemini. I knew there was a reason I liked you.

And a double-Gemini, at that! (Now, if only I could figure out what that’s supposed to signify…)

You know, I was kind of FOND of last year’s cake. It sort of looked like a huge chocolate pancake stack. With frosting. And I’ll bet it was sort of a DENSE kind of cake, too…I LIKE my cake dense.

Can I have the recipe?