I miss Chumpsky.

He was just so earnest! There are few posters that had as much fun reading or that I looked forward as much. All of you had to scare him away with your constant pittings. For shame.

You have to mention him? :smack:
I may be a leftie but this guy was way,way, out there and fell from grace by not having any original ideas (plagiarism).

Still he was not banned so only if he repented…

Muad’Dib, did you not play D&D in your younger days?
Don’t mention the names of evil spirits, demons, and devils lest they re-appear.
Frankly, I don’t miss Mr. Plagiarizer, a certain creationist, and a certain Icelander in the least.

He listed his e-mail as something you could use.

Here it is–

Write him & send your love. :rolleyes:

Invite him back for me. I haven’t Pitted someone in weeks.

Of course, if he says so much as “Hello” everyone will accuse him of plagiarism, so I guess it’s for the best that he stays away.

Why not just read the original sources that he stole his material from instead?

I’ve heard he is serving as a human shield in Akron.

My God!! We Pitted a plagarist and a demonstrated liar!! What evil creature took hold of us!

Fuck off, Muad’Dib. Chumpsky engaged in the most egregious instances of intellectual dishonesty I have witnessed in my almost three years in Great Debates (three years?! I need a life.)

We are (mostly) anonymous debaters in GD, and the only way any discussion progresses therein is if there is at least a modicum of trust between the participants. Chumpsky repeatedly violated that trust, then did it again when he denied his misconduct even after it had been proven.

Good riddance to him.


Don’t say his name, he might hear you- trust me, I am an expert on evil beings from beyonds.

Buddy, I did this a while ago.

I did it for different reasons, but I did it anyhow. About Chumpsky, for crying out loud, and I’m ashamed of myself. It was a bad idea. I’m not going to link the thread, that’s how bad an idea it was.

I got comments including terms like, “tempting fate” and “I don’t miss either one of them.” Those comments were all valid.

I e-mailed the Moderators and asked them to close my thread.

I suggest you do the same, because this ain’t going anywhere good.

No, don’t close this thread. I find it amusing that ANYONE can miss that guy.

You know, I really do miss having a whipping boy around.

I liked Chumpsky. Posting Poindexter’s home address was genius. I miss the kid too. He was a little too moderate for my taste but he seemed like a good kid.


Jesus Christ, dude, he couldn’t be any more lefty if he were a Communist!

Not that there’s anything wrong with Communists, mind you. :slight_smile:

I’d rather have Wildest Bill appologize and come back. He was amusing. In small doses.

Airman, you need to consider the possibility that Diogenes may be baiting you.

Unlikely, I know, because he would never do anything like that, but you need to consider the possibility anyway.

Of course, you never know what a self-satisfied arrogant son of a bitch is going to do.

So just be careful.*
*[sub]If he chooses pistols, insist on swords. I’ll coach you.[/sub]

If you want the Chumpsky experience, just copy and paste a GD post from some other site. :slight_smile:

I am sorry SuaSponte, you misunderstand, I was speaking tounge-in-cheek there. Yes he did deserve to get pitted, and I am sorry that I did not do so myself.

What? Diogenes, bait me? Nah. :wink:

Airman, I was kidding. Relax. :wink: