Damn the previous poster

This is in the Pit because there’s no faint praise here, no sir. This is just “Damn the previous poster” and I mean GOD damn him (or her, of course) to Hell for all eternity! You get to take your best shot at something you really dislike about the previous poster, in what I hope will be a vicious series of drive-by character assassinations, all with no forum for a response on the part of the person whose character is being trashed. You can search through the archives if you need material, but best to be quick on the trigger, 'cuz you’ll never know who remembers better than you the person’s faults, flaws, foibles, fuckups, and farts. You might attack the first person–who I guess would be me?–for his arrogant proclamations of Godless atheism (that’s the best kind, btw, the Godless stuff), for his unsupported attack on a helpless fluffy puppy of a Mod, for his profession, or his pretense of a profession, or his dangling modifiers, or his partisan (and Portosan) Red Sox fandom, for his troublemaking and pot-stirring threads like this one, or anything else–and he’s helpless (unless he’s on-line and quick on the trigger) to get you back. He just has to take it, no matter how unfair or how unsupported, and then we’ll move on to zing someone else! Ha Ha Ha!! What fun!

Let the games begin!

I could see Martin from The Simpsons delivering this paragraph…

Fucking, free-loading guest. What? Are you stuck between putting up the membership fee or dating Gina the crack-whore?

Sorry. I don’t know keithvstewart. I just had to go with insults.

This is such a stupid idea.

Shouldn’t knowledge be free? Not that this thread has anything to do with that. And Gina is a crystal meth whore.

We don’t do game threads in the Pit.

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