I miss Holmes on Homes

Okay, it’s been a week, the new Planet Green station clearly sucks, and I can’t view episodes broadcast online ‘cause I’m not in freakin’ Canada…


They took him off the air? Ivylad will be distraught.

Yeah! They only have, what, five shows? And they’re in an endless cycle! What the fuck was Discovery thinking?

And why the hell are they carrying American Chopper?

What every cable channel executive eventually thinks, given a long enough lifespan for the channel in question: Ooh! New fad! People LOVE “green” now…let’s throw over our heretofore successful (within niche cable specifications) programming for a bunch of “green” programs! Forget all those geeks who loved our quirky but informative slate of programs…we have a whole new huge group of people who are going to flock to our “green”…thing…

Wasn’t it Discovery that did this sort of thing before? I remember a once-respected cable science/information channel starting to run mystic pyramids from space aliens type shows a couple years ago, but can’t remember if it was Discover or TLC.

I miss that show, too, as well as a lot of other programs. I took the new station off my favorites list. Bastages.

Yeah, but basing an entire network around five shows in endless rotation?

Okay, I’m obviously one of those viewers who make it possible for media companies to pull this kind of crap, but while I noticed I now have a channel they’re calling “Planet Green” (and that it’s not all that entertaining), I was oblivious to the fact that it was a replacement for another channel. Which one did they pull? It’s not the “Discovery Blow-Things-Up Channel,” is it? Because if the crazed rocketeers and the people who drive trucks out onto thin ice and then light M-80s under them are gone, I’ll have to write a strongly-worded letter, and it might help me be taken seriously if I actually knew what had disappeared.

(I do this with comic strips, too. I’ll be reading my daily paper and notice they’ve put in a new comic, but I have to dig through the recycling to find out which old one is missing. I’m a patsy.)

Planet Green definitely sucks. Why do they always have to depict pro-environment people as smug, self-righteous asshats?

I’m honestly not sure what else was on the channel – I think it was called Discovery Home. The only show I ever watched there was Holmes on Homes.

Wikipedia has a good list, and I see Planet Green is built around six shows; 7 including American Chopper.

Missed the window the second time.

The official site says 13 shows but apparently half of them aren’t on yet and the Chopper guys aren’t listed.

WTF does American Chopper have to do with Planet GREEN? Is it because motorcycles get better gas mileage??

That sucks for you guys :frowning:

Holmes is awesome and he would have been a fine fit for a green-themed station. While not specifically about environmentalism, his show often promotes green technologies such as geo-thermal heating/cooling, solar panels and tankless water-heaters. That’s a heckuva lot more environmentally responsible than American Chopper’s love affair with the internal combustion engine.

I believe Holmes on Homes is no longer making new episodes at all - it’s not just that your particular network decided not to show it.

I saw Mike Holmes on a news interview show recently (IIRC, it was The Hour on CBC). He said that he’s no longer making Holmes on Homes because he’s focusing on other projects (building a community of homes somewhere in Alberta, work on reconstruction in New Orleans, and I think possibly a new tv show sort of like “Fixit Chicks” with women in construction).

I miss it, too. There are precious few Canadian shows I can get down here. To snicker at the Ontario accents really made my day. :wink:

Production may have stopped, but not all of the new episodes have been aired yet. I’ll be sad to see it go, but it did run a very respectable 7 seasons.

Personally, I’m fan because of his emphasis on education, which is especially important here in Ontario due to the fucked-up state of the residential construction industry. The renovation screw-ups he features are far too common here due to a shortage of qualified workers and the lack of any sort of licensing requirements for general contractors.

i am fairly miffed about this. how am i going to “ooot” if h on h isn’t on.?!

i enjoyed his show, started watching it about a month ago. now it is gone. discovery just loves to pull you in with really good shows and then either wreck them or kill them.

Boilerplate response from MegaDiscoveryInc to my email:


I really liked the show, “Cookin’ in Brooklyn”. Alan Harding was very entertaining.

I saw Mike Holmes live at a home and garden show here a couple of years ago - he’s pretty big and strong in real life, too. (No, I’m not heading to mah bunk, you perverts.) He really seems sincere, too, and there’s a good chance he actually is, because he does seem to spend all his time fixing things. I loved watching his show for the “Holy crap!” factor - I couldn’t believe what some contractors would try to get away with.

He had a great interview with George Stroumboulopoulos the other day, too.

I’ve only seen a couple of episodes, but I liked it. He’s kind of the Edward Woodward of home improvement…