I miss smashie!

I…I’m sorry I know everyone else has moved on, but this time of year around the holidays you get to thinking about old friends like the little man with the hammer and sometimes the memories just get the best of you. {sniff}

Good times smashie, good times.

I’d agree that I do miss some of the smilies.

But the SMASHIE SMILIE was so damn annoying… It’s movement was as if it was saying “LOOK OVER HERE!!! LOOK OVER HERE!!”

The other ones rocked, though.

If it wasn’t animated, I’d want Smashie back. That was my vote in the last emoticon poll. I do like Smackie if only because I have plenty of use for it in those “d’oh!” moments of realization.

Ahhhh…the memories are flooding back.

The Winter of Our Discontent

Thank God for jdavis and crew that we’re home again!

<Subliminal message to gods of sdmb>

[sub]we want smashie…we want smashie…we want smashie…we want smashie…we want smashie…[/sub]

</Subliminal message to gods of sdmb>

:smashie: :sigh:

I still think that Smashie should have been called Og.

You sick, sick bastards.

I actually have Smashie as an animated file on my computer at work. I trot him out at another board for fun every now and then. :smiley:

And I never got a chance to use him

I miss smashie, too. But mostly I miss the threads from the temp board. My smashie thread was the longest thread I ever started. sniff Sweet, sweet, temp board popularity…

we should introduce some new “original” smilies to the SDMB…

I’m thinking of a green “bleagh/yucky face” smilie for TMI threads.

MR YUCK!!! Hehe!! I remember him from when I was little… I would love to have him here!

Smashie will not be denied! Smashie will return! All hail Smashie!

Hey you guys. Maybe you can go to thisNew Poll for New Smiley thread and tell Arnold how much you need a new smiley :slight_smile:

every time a bell rings…
a smashie goes to Heaven

I don’t believe in smashies. I don’t believe in smashies. I don’t believe in smashies.

Did they die yet?

You know, we have smashie over at fathom

“And I browsed upon the strands of the net, and saw a beast rise up, with a round head, and a crooked mouth, and he smiteth with a hammer. And to him it was given that he should not kill men, but that they should be tormented for a time: and their torment was a great irritation. And in those days shall men seek peace, and shall not find it; and shall have seizures, and their eyes shall bleed, like unto those who are afflicted with the flashing banner ads. And many worshipped the beast which smiteth with a hammer, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make his hammer cease from smiting?..And then the third angel came, and the third scroll was opened, and on it was written: Go ye to the Tools menu of thy browser, unto the Internet Options, unto the very Advanced tab: And there uncheck the box which is marked PLAY ANIMATIONS IN WEB PAGES: And reload the page. And there was peace in all the land, and much rejoicing, and the beast that smiteth with a hammer was bound for a thousand years, until he be cast into the lake of fire and tormented day and night for ever and ever.” – Revelation

(I guess that would be a “no” vote.)

…come to smashie…