Tell me about this "Smashie" I hear about...

Every now and then I see a reference to “Smashie”, i.e. “I want Smashie back”, especially in a smiley discussion thread or otherwise appropriate situation.

Might anyone be able to give a brief history of this (I’m assuming) smiley, and the reason for its absense?

During the Winter of Our Missed Content, we were temporarily housed at another board. This board had cute animated smilies, one of which was wielding a mallet. This was our beloved “Smashie”.


Back in the Winter of Our Missed Content, the SDMB was temporarily hosted on another website. I forget the URL. But they had an animated smiley that was one plain yellow smiley smashing another yellow smiley with an oversized hammer. It became affectionately known as Smashie.

wow, not just your everyday simulpost there MsRobyn

The board was hosted over at BBboy. And TubaDiva did pay them for hosting us, but they still did such a good job of absorbing our massive numbers, helping us set up, and otherwise putting up with us, that they deserve the advertisement of being linked here.

Oh no! I wasted my 500th post on an ATMB thread about Smashie!

In case you didn’t go to the BbBoy site, just click here to view the animated Smashie.

Cute? That’s un-possible.

At least I didn’t bring up that stupid function that filled in the person’s user name. I forget what it was called, but it was creepy.


At least Joe K didn’t ask about Jackie, Humpie or Pootie.


Sigh. I miss Smashie and AnnoyingTag.