time for a new Smilie?


only green.

No. Seriously, we do not need a pukey smilie. It would be more abused than the Putz smilie was.

That’s actually the “I’m poisonous” Mr. Yuk.

If we get a new smilie, and it’s not Smashie, I’m walking…

What’s a smashie?
And why, when I ask for for a “chuckle”, do I get a castrated “stick tongue out”? :stuck_out_tongue:


If a pukey smiley is considered, I hope they make it a straight “yea or nay” vote, and not offer that amongst others. I am totally against the idea of a pukey smiley, and think we could vote it down on those terms, but I’m not sure we could overcome a split vote among the anything-but-pukies if we had to vote pro-whatever.

Oh yeah, I like that one too. Problem is the little guy’s hammer would get worn out all too quickly on this board.

As is my wont in these threads, I will, once again, put in my vote for the neutral smiley:


I suggest we go the other way - cast votes on a smilie execution (banishment is probably a better term).

:rolleyes: Would be first up against the wall, as far as I’m concerned.

Gee, the last year just flew by.

Moved the perennial smiley suggestion thread from IMHO to ATMB.

Does this mean we’re going to reattach the balls to the “tongue” smiley?

Ug, I’m against any sort of animation on the boards. Makes me nauseous.

Is “makes me nauseous” a non-literal phrase in some circles?

I would like a "This guy’s crazy " smilie, even tho this one is animated…

Hey, TubaDiva, can we reserve this one for Moderator use only?

Czarcasm: Only if you make the code :FORMERAGENT .

I just wish the embarrassed smilie wasn’t… well… a porn star.

I made an all-purpose SDMB smiley a couple years ago for another thread. I now repost it, as an example of what could possibly be the most annoying and controversial smiley ever.

Behold, Multismashie, the confused, sad, nauseous, mallet-wielding Jewish Orthodox smiley who wants you to know you’re a putz.

Og confused! OG SMASH!