I miss...........?

I miss:

  1. My solitude
  2. Driving
  3. Going somewhere on my own.
  4. Having time to do my art.
  5. Listening to music without background chatter, talking and a naked kid running through the house.
  6. Shopping in a store (what am I saying? I hate that)
  7. Floors that stay clean for more than an hour.
  8. Silence, blessed silence.
  9. Not having to answer so many questions.
  10. Binge watching news programs. TV seems to always be on a kids show.

What’s on your list.

I miss the local sports bar. Although bars can open here (with restrictions), my local sports bar could not weather the shutdown, and it’s now for sale. It was where we went for Super Bowls, World Series games, Stanley Cup playoffs, and any number of regular-season games in all pro sports. Monday/Thursday Night Football was always popular, as were Blue Jays Fridays (wear an MLB jersey, and get entered into a draw for a prize–often, a Jays jersey). We regulars have been keeping in touch, but as one said, “Hell, now we have to break in a new sports bar.” Talks are ongoing as to which other local sports bar we will settle on–yes, we regulars take our watering holes seriously.

I miss the ability to launch on a multi-state driving trip without concerns about what venues/parks are open, and whether I might actually need to quarantine (in or out). I retired last year with a specific goal of visiting a lot of the US, but find it difficult now. Even if I ignored the real danger of getting sick, I still must contend with lockdown stages, and the condition of the intervening states that I must travel through.

And frankly I hate wearing a damned mask – but I will continue doing it.

Yeah - who would have thought? I miss being able to go to a store and look for something without having to cope with gloves, a mask, and that deep feeling of unease about risk accumulating every time I go somewhere and do something,

And travel. Everyone is going to say travel.


I miss Lisa. She was our favorite server at Cracker Barrel, and she used to be a server at a local cafe till she got fed up with them (as did we.) I hope she’ll still be there when this insanity is over, but we have no intention of going to any restaurant for a long while, being geezers and all.

I also miss taking my granddaughter to the library for story time and to the mariine museum to see the fish. My retirement isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be. Dammit.

Feeling comfortable out in public.
Not being so wary of everyone.
Going to the gym.
Sometimes, in random moments of insanity, I miss being in office.
My family.

Spending time with my brother and niece.

And to a lesser degree:
Board games.
Browsing the fun parts of stores.

Hugging my Mom. She’s in an assisted living place. We can see her in person , outside , masked 6 feet apart.

Summer music concerts at the local park with everyone dancing and singing along.

Hugs and kisses from the grandkids.

Good sleep.

Going out to eat with everybody.

Regular normal life mostly.

Getting together with friends to play D&D. (We’re playing together online now, via Discord and Zoom, which is better than not playing, but not quite the same)

Seeing my parents. Dad is 86, mom is 80, and they’re both lifelong smokers and cancer survivors, so they’re absolutely at risk from COVID. They’re also 200 miles away, in Green Bay. Thankfully, my sister lives with them, and she’s helping to keep them safe, but I haven’t seen them since Christmas, and it’s probably going to be a long while before I feel safe seeing them again.

Going for brunch at the local breakfast place. We’ve been going there for 15 years, we’re regulars, and the owners know us. We’ve been getting carryout from them, to help them keep afloat, but I miss getting to sit in a booth, eating an omelet and having their really good coffee.

Going running with my friend, then hanging out with her afterwards.

Going to the comic book shop by my office.

For that matter, going to the office. I miss seeing my colleagues, I miss the ride on the commuter train.

On the subject of stores - when I do brave one, I miss the days when you didn’t have to spend your time staring at the floor for the signage which tells you which way round you’re supposed to walk (I’m assuming US stores have similar one-way systems now?)

Today, because the weather was awful and kept people home, we were brave enough to go to our local Marks and Spencer to get me some much needed clothing. Having shopped on the upper floor and paid, and now trying to leave, we went down a flight of steps and walked through a door to find ourselves facing three marked-out routes, each of which was one-way towards us. No entry to all three aisles. The only alternative route was an elevator taking us back up to the floor we had just come down from (the only exit from which was the route down the stairs that we had just taken). Trapped for ever in one-way shopping hell.

We transgressed and went down an aisle the wrong way to escape. Whew!

It never used to be like this.


I walk, usually twice a day with the dogs.
Now I generally have a Grand-wrek along.

I tried the old classic “Let’s play the quiet game.” Didn’t work.

I miss: My quiet contemplative strolls. :expressionless:

I miss the smiles of strangers.

We have favorite servers all over town. We’re finding not all made it and have gone elsewhere for employment

Travel, for sure. And even thinking about and planning travel. Technically, I can still do that, but if you don’t know when it’s going to be possible again, what’s the point? I also feel like my preferred style of travel – hostels, public transportation, lots of random encounters with strangers – is going to take a long time to come back.

Friday-night dinner out with my friends.

Swimming pools.

Going to plays. I mean, it’s good that so many theaters have started streaming past productions, and I’ve gotten to see some interesting stuff that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise, but it’s just not the same.

There is a used bookstore that I go to. I would browse and look at all the books. Now, you go to the front and tell them what you are interested in and they look and tell you what they have. So, I miss the browsing.

I’ve booked us 2 cruises next year, and it’s a crap shoot whether either will go. One is in Feb and the other in Sep. We were supposed to go one one in March of this year, but of course, that one didn’t happen, and we’d booked another in Sep which is the one I moved to Sep next year.

I guess we’ll see when we see…

Movies in a theater and live concerts are my main 2

Solitude is my big one. My wife was laid off in November and then, this spring, the virus hit. She has a new job but it’s work from home and she never goes out to her usual places because of the virus. I estimate that I haven’t been alone in my house for eight months or more between her and the kids. Love my family and all but I used to be able to rely on a certain amount of time to just do my own thing and recharge in my own ways.

I’m another person whose D&D group moved online and it’s okay but not nearly the same thing. Playing was a social outlet and chance to leave the house and hang with some friends for a few hours once a week. Doing it from my living room on Discord isn’t really the same thing, not counting the technical limitations and how slowly the game moves when we’re online instead of at the table. Praise to the guy running the game though who has to deal with trying to translate all his stuff to an online format.

We used to go out as a family and get breakfast every Sunday. That’s long gone and I don’t know if our favorite breakfast place will still be operating by the time we do it. We had a favorite server and everyone knew us and people there were happy to operate around the special needs of my youngest.

I’m not a mask-hating revolutionary but I do resent the fact that I can’t communicate nonverbally with a smile or mouthed “Sorry” or things like that when in public.

True; however, masks are great for calling people names under your breath, knowing they can’t hear you or see your mouth move.