What do you want to do most when the pandemic is over?

I used to go to Irish Fest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin every year, so I’d love to do that again.


First is to just be able to go to a bar and mix with people. Second is to be able to take a vacation and actually enjoy being there without everything being either closed or restricted.

I want to go to a buffet style restaurant, choose what I want and eat my fill.

Take in-person classes and meet new people, fellow classmates.

Hang out with my writers group at our friend’s craft burger bar. The food is so good and the company even better. We Zoom every other week, but it’s not the same.

Go to the gym, and travel the world.

Seriously? Visit and HUG my friends and family. Repeatedly.

Have my wedding - with a dance floor, smiles, handshakes, hugs and all the normal stuff. We moved from Aug of this summer to Aug 2021. I’m cautiously optimistic.

Visit my mother, resume traveling the world, haul a bunch of books to a used book store and recover that space in my living room. Mostly, sit in a cafe and enjoy the sounds of humans and the tinkle of glasses and flatware.

Visit my family in New York, who I last saw in March. I usually visit at least a couple of times a year. This will be the first time since 1984 that I haven’t been there for Christmas.

After that, doing some birding trips. I usually do a couple of international birding trips a year. Not being able to travel is terrible for me.

I can’t wait to have a big backyard barbecue with our friends. And go on a trip. My family has been talking about doing a US east coast train trip as soon as we are safe to travel. We’re like prisoners talking about what food they’re going to eat when they get out of jail. We talk about it all the time - what cities we want to stop in, sights we want to see, restaurants we want to go to.

Send my kids to school.

Take my family to visit my mother and other family, and go to the beach (all one trip) in Florida.

Travel to the Passover seder with the other side of the family.

Take the kids to see other kids/movies/amusement park, etc.

I miss a lot of stuff, but I feel the worst for what my kids are missing out on. In March, my kids will have spent more than an eighth of their lives in lockdown.

In a word - travel. Locally as well as international. I just started up again travelling overseas last fall after a long layover raising kids and being a responsible, suburban dad. I was going to turn-up the dial in 2020, but noooo! So I would like to unpause all my travel plans and get back on track.

Learn how to live as a retired person. I retired 10 months ago so I haven’t gotten the opportunity to figure out exactly how I want spend the rest of my life. I do imagine that it’s going to be somewhat different than the plans I originally envisioned.

Take my stepdaughter out to a restaurant. Take her to a ball game. Go see a live music concert. Take off this motherfucking mask.

I want to visit my sister in Buffalo, New York. I want to visit my best friend and her husband in Detroit.

I want to go back to avoiding people for all the other reasons.

Travel travel travel travel travel, live music, good restaurants, and travel. Also live music and good restaurants while traveling. Got a long list of countries I haven’t seen.

So many things!

But the first thing I will probably do is book a reservation to the best restaurant in town and enjoy a meal I didn’t cook myself. I might add a weekend hotel and spa reservation to that, just because I can.

I’ll rebook the trip to see my friends that I had to cancel this past May.

My husband will go to see his mom (she’s 89) as soon as it is safe to do so. I am tied down by work, so I may not be able to accompany him for long (or at all) depending on when this happens, but at least he’s retired and can do so as soon as possible and for as long as he wants.

I know tickets are going to be pricey since they’ll be in high demand and owners will be wanting to make up for the lost seasons but I really want to go see some live professional sports again. NHL, MLB, NFL, MLS.