I must dispose of my pretty shirt.

Well, it has happened twice today thus far. Two people, whom I see fairly regularly, have complimented my shirt. These are two people whose fashion sense I don’t share. You can imagine my chagrin when Sue (co-worker) complimented my shirt. Sue, the one whom I play nice with but really abhore. shudder Then the coffee clerk, the one who wears matching purple eyeshadow, lipstick and sweater, commented on my nice shirt too.

Naturally I now must devest myself of this grotesque shirt. I thought it was kinda cute when I bought it, a little to frilly perhaps, but still an interesting piece of clothing. Obviously I was wrong. I now can see it is a hideous rag unfit for even goat consumption.


Now even the completely blind can get it right sometimes. Maybe you made such an obviously perfect fashion choice for you that even these total fashion rejects were able to sense it’s greatness.

If ya want another opinion and happen to be anywhere near Augsberg this evening, I’d be happy to take a look :wink:


dublos, you’re making me blush divinely! :wink:

Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself.

Nothing is unfit for goat consumption.