I must stop looking at crotches

When I talk to a guy or sometimes girl I always stare at their crotch. It’s a weird thing because I never intend to stare at their crotch…but my eyes just seem to wander down there. Some have noticed me looking and stand diffferently or sit differently. Does anybody else look at crotches?

No, but if women have massive chests and are wearing low cut shirts I can’t stop staring. It’s not like I haven’t seen it before, I’m female too.

Embarrasing ain’t it ??!! :frowning:


I just want to take a minute to say two things:

  1. Although we seem to have extremely similar Doper names, Cherry8943 and I are two completely different posters.

  2. Nope…I do not have the aforementioned inclination to stare at people’s crotches.

ok…I feel better now. That is all. Carry on.

[/end hijack]

I too am female and catch myself staring at breasts more often than I should. Its especially awkward during interviews. :smack:

A woman I work with said that when she’s stuck in big, auditorium-style meetings and is having staying awake, she occupies her mind with trying to figure out whether the speakers are wearing boxers or briefs.

…I can’t stop licking at crotches

Add my name to the list.

If women are wearing really glossy, shiny lipstick, I just can’t stop staring at it. It’s hypnotic, I tell you. :o

Butts & legs. A woman in a skirt with nice legs or a tight pair of pants and I can’t look away. It is like the proverbial carrot in front of the horse.


It’s embarrasing getting busted looking at a chest or crotch. Makes me feel scummy.

I remember dating a buxom lass who was wearing a low cut dress. She later told me that she was pleased about the fact that I was the only guy who looked her in the eye. I didn’t tell her that I was conciously looking her in the eye specifically to keep from staring at her impressive rack.

I actually sometimes score positive points by admitting that doing so was more than a little diffcult but that it was important enough to be worth that effort.

Mmm? What? Sorry, I was staring at your…


I’m mesmerized by cleavage sometimes, too. I’m not attracted to women at all: I already have my own boobs to play with, if I’m so inclined. But sometimes I just can’t keep my eyes away from someone’s rack. Haven’t gotten in trouble for it yet, but that’s probably because it’s usually people further away, and not people I’m talking to.

Same reason why my girlfriend is with me. I have always been one of the few who looks her in her eyes. Although, I have to admit, as soon as she looked away, I snuck a cleavage glances. You just have to be quick. :smiley:

Another het female who finds herself mesmerized by cleavage on display. Sadly I lack the fundamental boobmass needed to make good cleavage, so I guess I’m living vicariously through other women.

Yet another straight female who can’t avoid looking at cleavage. I also do the crotch thing every once in a while, with either sex. So embarrassing when someone catches you.

The worst part is that once I notice I’m doing it I can’t make myself stop. It’s like not thinking about pink elephants.

I stare at butts, whether male or female. I can’t help it, but at least I’m behind the person! :smiley: On occasion, I have caught myself crotch-staring when facing someone. Of course then it’s impossible not to look.

I tend to become fascinated with patterns on people’s clothing. Especially when I was younger and I’d go to church. I’d find myself studying someone’s back, almost hypnotized by patterns.

Now, this becomes a problem if there’s a woman wearing a really bright shirt-how do I say, “I’m NOT staring at your boobs, m’am, I’m looking at your top?”