I need a cheat program

Is there a TSR program available that simulates mouse input, so that I can type in commands to click, hold and release the mouse buttons with exact timing?

Most versions of Windows since 95 come with an Accessibility option called MouseKeys, that let you use the keyboard to perform mouse operations. Turn it on in Control Panel > Accessibility Options.

Unfortunately Mousekeys simply replaces mouse movement and clicking. What I need (to cheat mightily at games) is a program that allows me to enter the equivilent of “click, wait 4.525 seconds, then click again”.

If what Q.E.D. suggests does not meet your requirements… look for mouse click macros. Macros will allow you to automate routine tasks.



I’ve been looking for something like this for years – basically the equivalent of DOS batch files, but for Windows. So far I haven’t found anything. I’ll have to look at xash’s mouse-click macros suggestion to see if that will do the job … if anybody knows of any other utilities to do this, I would greatly appreciate any pointers. Thanks.

Ok, by popular demand, here’s a more comprehensive list:

mouse macro search on Download.com

Also, Lumpy, if these macros don’t work in a full screen game window, look for an option in the game settings that specifies “Run in Window” as opposed to “Run in Full Screen Mode”. I know Age of Mythology and some other games have this “Run in Window” option.

Some games can by tricked into running in a windows. star trek armada 2 is like that.

WinRunner is a powerful and commonly used software testing program that is capable of automating all kinds of GUI movements, clicks, etc. It appears to be going for about $5500. :slight_smile: