I need a utility that will imitate a mouse click at precise time intervals

I need a utility I can program that will generate three

1: left mouse button click
2: left mouse button click
3: left mouse button click

in a row, at very precise time intervals.

Does anything like this exist?

There is opensource software called autohotkeys that can generate macros for your mouse. Link


just hook a couple of these up to your mouse. http://www.shinyshack.com/product.php?prid=211057&pn=Drinking-Bird

worked well for Homer Simpson

If Bill Door’s suggestion doesn’t get you what you need I’m positive this program can:

Takes a bit of programming but the helpfile that comes with it is great and the support forums are useful, too. I can probably help you out, too.

I think activeclick lets you time the clicks. Its a utility for rsi sufferers that clicks when you pause for a certain about of time on a clickable item.

I’ve had pretty good results with previous versions of Macro Express. Haven’t used it for a few years, though.

I had successfully used a program call Macro Express to do that and more. They give you a free demo for a month and the purchase price was cheap. ($39.95) apparently.

Damn Bayard, that’s weird.