I need a job!

Well, if this is any indication of your work quality, I can see why!!!


We’ll call you. Vandelay Industries, right?

By the way, folks that undress to take a dump are not given a key to the executive restroom.

:: images of George Costanza scurring to the phone with his pants around his ankles ::

hee hee

Have you considered the import/export business?

Have you considered the service industry?

Have you considered becoming, um, an architect?

Just a suggestion off the top of my head.

Let me tell you about the wonderful world of Amway…

ow… ow… it was a joke!!! ow…

Linoleum’s where it’s at.

RUN! don’t do it!

it’s NOT what they make it out to be in the movies!!

Is anything?

I’ve got one word for you:


FCM , get with the times!

A prospective salesman I was interviewing told me why he wasn’t going to accept my job offer. He was going to work for a new internet company called Quixtar .

He tried to get me interested - but the pitch was too familiar. He finally told me to check out the website and I confirmed my worst fears - that it is the same company as Amway.

Let me put it to you gently:

Amway Changed their name - it’s now Quixtar!

So if someone asks you if you’d like to hear about Quixtar - run away - run away real fast!

By the way, this same salesman visited me last week, two months later, and asked if I had a job opening - it was all I could do not to ask him why his Amway business wasn’t doing well…

This warning was brought to you as a public service…