I Need a Lieu Poop Thread

I’m depressed and cranky and I can’t shake this stupid cough and the only thing that will cheer me up is one of Lieu’s horrendous poop stories.

How is Mrs. Lieu doing?

Yeah! It has been far too long. Anyone would think he was constipated. I sooo want him to go deer hunting and need a dump again.

So you only love him for his ass? Typical.

Eve, I’d actually thought about resurecting your earlier thread to answer this. Everyone was so considerate with their well wishes before and I’d just wanted to wait until she was completely out of the woods before I came back with an update.

Basically she came through a very difficult surgery with flying colors but still has a lot of rehab to go. The surgery to remove a tumor pressing against her spine and to replace a compromised vertebrae lasted 10 hours but we had 3 magnificent surgeons and they came out of it saying they only saw what they expected to and the fix went completely according to plan. She’s now my Bionic Woman with both donor bone and titanium rods and plates. She moving pretty slow still but gradually making good strides toward a complete recovery, which should take about 9 months to a year.

We had lots of family in for awhile to help and the neighbors put us on a feeding schedule with everyone bringing a different meal throughout the weeks. That’s helped but so have all the positive thoughts and well wishes we recieved from here. My most sincere thanks to you all! They were deeply appreciated.

Yikes! I have metal rods & screws in my arm—and you’ll have to give her the disappointing news that refrigerator magnets will not stick to us.

Eve, I think they exit with a larger diameter than just thread.

lieu, glad to hear everything went well. Sounds like your wife had a great medical team. Titanium is the only way to fly. It doesn’t interfere with any subsequent MRI work. It’s also good to know you have such fine neighbors.

Glad to hear that Mrs. lieu is doing well. Big skanky hugs, lieubaby.

Sounds like the Missus is moving along well. Does that mean you’ll have more time to share your bathroom stories with us? We love the ones from work the best. Honest.

I’m so glad that she’s doing well at this point. Every once in a while I realize that I don’t see you posting very much, and I’d wondered how you both were.


i’m glad to hear that all went well, lieu.

as far as bathroom antics… in my office the bathroom has timed lights. if it doesn’t sense motion with in x amount of time the lights will go out. if you are in the far stalls there is no way to get the lights to go back on. if you are in a near stall, you can try waving your arms about to try to set off the motion sensor.

there is a sink who’s water sensor is a bit off and will just run water on it’s own. there you are at say midnight, you are alone in the bathroom and the lights go out and the water starts to flow.

gets things moving rather quickly.

lieu- best wishes for your wife’s recovery- I had that surgery when I was 20 (not for a tumor, though). If you have questions or want to discuss it (or if your wife wants to, for that matter) drop me a line anytime.

Great to hear everything’s going so well lieu

Best of everything to your little Missus, Lieu.

So if Lieu was a bit caustic would it be a Lieu poop needle and thread?