How is Mrs. Lieu?

Wasn’t she going in for follow-up tests or surgery this week? How are things going?

I didn’t know she was ill! That may explain why Lieu didn’t respond to my page in the “Dutch Oven” thread. Hope everything’s OK.

Link to lieu’s thread:
We could use your prayers

I also was wondering how she was doing and how the tests came out.

I hope all is well.

keep strong Lieu & Mrs. Lieu

Still thinking of you and yours, lieu.

Lieu just posted a pretty positive update on the original thread. The tumor looks benign, but still tricky. Please see his post for details.


Kind of you to inquire Eve and again, thank you all for your concern. I’d held off on any updates until we had something definitive and that came late yesterday afternoon.

First, let me just state that we’re working with the very best doctors available and we have complete confidence in them. We’d heard several days ago that from the biopsied vertebrae they’d determined the tumor was benign. At first the radiologist had recommended a certain procedure that, while delicate, would have had her back up and active with several days.

However, we’ve also been working with three neurosurgeons and their concern is that there’s so much damage to the vertebrae that replacement and a partial fusing of the spine is nevcessary to prevent it from failure in later years.

Fact is, she’s going to have to go through a major surgery with reconstruction and bracing from the back and front, full day in the OR and a lengthy rehabilitation over the course of nine months to a year. We’ll do this in September so she can first get her sister married off.

We’re thankful for many things now… that it was benign, that’s she’s young enough and healthy enough to get through this, that we can have kids later and we’re thankful fro the tremendous support of our family and friends.

Again, thanks you all for your concern and wishes. She’s a neat, neat person and we’ll get through this okay.


good to hear. :slight_smile: Best of luck with the surgery.

Benign. What a beautiful word.

I’m so glad.

lieu, I’m so relieved for both of you that the tumor is benign. I’m sorry Mrs. Lieu has to go through major back surgery – it’s a crazy world when that’s a lucky outcome. I hope her recovery goes smoothly.

** lieu**, so many things to be thankful for! It sounds like it won’t be easy for your wife, but I’m so happy for you that more children will be possible!! My prayers are still with you.


Will she be allowed to laugh after surgery? Better save your heinous (that’s “heinous”) toilet humor for us.

Eve’s right. My husband knows exactly how to make me laugh, and can’t turn it off. I wanted to kill him after my c-section.

Save it all for us.

Lieu, that is great news!

I’ve never understood why the medical profession chooses such words as benign or malignant. I’ve always thought that it should be *Good News * and *You Better Sit Down *.

It’s just easier on us simpletons.

It sounds as though your spirits are good. do your best to keep them up and if either of the Lieu’s need a mojo boost, just send out the SDMB Bat Signal.

We’ll do the rest. Like send a Farting Brigade or something.

All things considered…this sounds likes very hopeful news. Glad to hear that you both seem to be in positive spirits. Give us a shout in September if you need more prayers and good thoughts.



I had, when I was 13, some crazy back surgery for scoliosis that sounds on a par with what your wife’ll have to go through: The docs had to remove one of my ribs, then graft it onto some vertabrae, then attach nuts & bolts so they could latch on a couple rods. Hence, I feel as though I can strongly empathize with Mrs. Lieu. If either of you wanna e-mail me, go for it. Good luck!

Ooh, a farting brigade. Finally something I’m qualified for.

I’d better load up on the garlic, broccoli and cucumbers. Bwa ha ha!

Still thinkin’ of y’all, pal. The benign diagnosis is the best thing yet.