I need a minister

OK, I need help!! I am getting married in two weeks and the minister we thought we had has not returned our calls recently. The last time we spoke to him he was in the hospital and we are afraid he is very ill! We hadn’t paid him yet so really have no course of action to insist he be there so we are trying to find someone else. Does anybody know of a way to find ministers willing to do a wedding on short notice? We’ve tried to google but found mostly junk, and everyone else we’ve called is booked, or won’t do it for someone who doesn’t belong to their church or who can’t come in for counseling or anything like that.

The wedding is on Friday 8/18 in Virginia Beach, VA. We’re getting married in a public park on the shore. (I hope.) We’re Christian so hope to find someone who can do a mildly/moderately traditional/religious service but aren’t picky about denomination.

Any ideas???

Look , think, and absorb the statement you made. Doesn’t it sound silly. I’ll assume you didn’t mean it in that way.

Call up churchs and start asking if they can help, a retired minister may occasionaly help out in a pinch. Ask reletives if they know someone.

One of your friends could get ordained in a few minutes by the Universal Life Church. It’s free and only takes a few minutes. Then your friend can do the wedding.

I got ordained to perform the ceremony at one friend’s wedding and have since done another one.

Sorry for the double post. I forgot the link: www.ulc.org.

Ok. Last post, I promise.

Here is a list of ULC Ministers in your state. I bet that one of them will work for you: Become Ordained - Universal Life Church

Could your church help you find someone?

If you are referring to the idea that he may not be available because he is ill, I assumed that people would understand that I understand that. I was aiming at the idea that he may just be a creep who claims to be a wedding officiant but really isn’t, or just a bad businessman who doesn’t follow through on his commitments.

If he is gravely ill or worse I really am very sorry to hear that but I don’t know the man from Adam. I don’t mean to sound unfeeling, I just really need to find a wedding officiant.

If the proposed weedding celebrant is a minister, wouldn’t he be attached to some church? Why not get in touch with someone at the church to find out what is happening, and if they can think of a substitute if necessary?