I need a name! For an island.

The title pretty much says it all. I need a name for an island. Something dark and foreboding, inspired by hellish coral reefs and dark, claw-like cliffs.

No ideas, but I always thought “Nomanisan Island” was a funny gag on The Incredibles. Thank you, John Donne!

Babale, where is it to be located?

For some reason your questions brought back a memory of a bad date from the '70s. He took me to a drive-in movie that was playing It’s Hot on Sin Island Soft porn is not what one wants on a first date.

As far as your foreboding island, all I can come up with is Charon.

I first thought of R’lyeh, but that’s too obvious. Derleth, maybe?

Since it is an island, one can assume it would be in a body of water.


For the cliffs, maybe Scylla Island?

Isle of Lucie. (With a nod to Super Chicken.)

Donzerleigh. It could have a lighthouse, which is known as Donzerleigh Light.

Hideous Mutant Island.

Scar Island
Risk Island
Hazard Island
Crisis Island
Obscurity Island
Pitfall Island (even though that sounds like a Choose Your Own Adventure book)
Ambush Island
Lurk Island
Fortification Island
Colonnade Island
Precarious Island

Hmmm. How about:

Lost Hope Island
Forbidden Island
Purgatory Island
Cerberus Island
Sheol Island
Erebus Island
Devastation Island
Blackbeard’s Island
Woeful Island
Isle of Woe
Isle of Sorrows
Tartarus Island
Avernus Island
Inferi Island
Clymenus Island
Ruinous Island
Isle of Despair

Scab Island

Lich Island or Lychgate Island

Sangre Island

Toten Island

Wollstonecraft Island


The island is in the southern pacific.
Lost Hope sounds good, with a story about how Cook ran out of food and thought his ship was doomed and then, after sailing past, reached Australia.

Other names about loss of hope are welcome.

Desolation Island
Barricade Island
Island of Clouded Shores
Murky Island
Blistered Island

Cheney Island.

Sanguine Isle?

With a rare species of tree porcupine best known for shooting quills into your face?

Peninsula Island

Isthmus Lake
The Pine Tree Desert
Dry River