I need a name for my project

Yup, marketing budget doesn’t allow for project branding, it’s down to me (and you if you are willing).

My programme of works includes three projects as follows:

  1. A new customer zone on the web - account self service etc
  2. A systems architecture rebuild to facilitate the creation of new flexible discounts/offers etc
  3. Launch of a new service.

So any ideas what to call the collective programme of works?

I’m liking the sound of Voyager as it suggests the brave new world type thing that we are trying to achieve but something more original would be good.

>something more original would be good

“Voyager” has been done. How about “Death Spiral”?

I’d lean towards something that has connotations of independence… given that items 1 and 2 generally get branded with things that are related to freedom and liberation and all those good things so that you capture the fact.

I’m having trouble landing on an exact word, though. I’ll let one of the more clever wordsmithy Doper types take care of that.

(not my fault… my company thinks that inspirational project names should be things like “Business Transformation” or “Integrated Customer Management”)

Customer facing Integrated System(s)

Given the timescales and budget, that’s probably about right!

Actually, an ‘in joke’ that the client wont understand would be great. Think NASA sounding project names but made into an acronym for ‘this project is totally screwed from the outset, the end is nigh etc etc’.

I coluld have sworn there was a widget on the Dilbert website to randomly generate project names but I can’t seem to find it now.

Death Spiral was actually mentioned in a Dilbert strip and what I was going to suggest.

My next best suggestion would be to have an acronym with an official translation that the client will like and an unofficial internal meaning that tells the true story.

My favourite from Dilbert is a project with the acronym TTP.

It stands for The TTP Project. :smiley:

As for your project, how about something related to swords?

Running Blade


You could always go with Tsar- “Technical Systems And Resources”. Guess what happened to the last Tsar of Russia? Hint: It involves being shot by the Bolsheviks.

Or how about “Somme”- “System for Online Multi-Media Experience”? (You know your WWI history, right?)

I’m not allowed to name projects at work anymore because I always give them names that sound like something out of a Frederick Forsyth novel; “Operation Torchlight” or “The Siberian Project”, and that sort of thing. :smiley:

Not original thinking, but many other projects like this are called ‘My[whatever]’ - with the ‘whatever’ part being your company name or the name of the extant service.

OK, how about:

Sovreign - as in ‘authority over’, but also as in ‘shiny gold valuable thing’

or Dominion (I used that name for a stock control system I wrote some years back - which is no longer in use now)

Well, there’s Deep Impact . The mission was a success but the whole point was to slam into a comet.

Dark Matter

I have an idea, but it only works if your name is Alan Parsons.

System Heuristics Integration Technology (S.H.I.T.)


Your description made me think of a self serve gas station. But I suppose Pump Your Own, wouldn’t have the right ring to it.

Actually, from your description, The Customer Zone doesn’t sound bad. You don’t say what the new service will be, but it all seems customer access related.

Customer Resource Access Zone? If speaking about project training, it would be CRAZ/Ed.

Or if zone doesn’t sound internet enough, there’s the Customer Resource Access Page. Website works, too, but isn’t as rude.

Project X