I need a new crush (totally mundane and pointless)

Ok, I was thinking today, now that I’ve finished finals and such, that it’s time for a new crush in my life. I haven’t had a really good one in a while (the last long-term crush was the priest. Luckily, I moved, and I didn’t have too much direct contact with him so I couldn’t totally embarrass myself.) And yes, I know you can’t always choose your crushes, but you can influence them to a point. Or at least I think you can.

The current main option is the fella at the circulation desk. He’s got one of those flirty personalities - and he’s a nice person. That one would be easy - at least from my point of view. I’d see him a couple of times a week (after the holidays) and chit-chat, then go off to study in a happy mood.

I don’t really have any other possibilities out there, but I kind of miss having a good crush. I miss that jolt you get when you see them, and, yeah, I miss the fantasies too (look, I’m still in a LONG dry spell, ok? I’m entitled to a little fantasy in my life).

Feel free to suggest a crush for me. I don’t mind. Or babble about your current crush. They are kind of fun, aren’t they?

Sorry, I’m taken.

I’m an incredibly handsome Australian man stepping up to the plate, recently broken up with my girlfriend and available.

Course, I don’t have the “cute accent” finishing highschool in Canada and all, but I was born here and I live here, and I give you permission pretend that I sound just like Eric Bana.


Silentgoldfish, if I were you, I’d pick up the accent. You’re letting a trememndous opportunity go to waste if you don’t.

While I appreciate the offer - really, I do - if I’m going to get a crush on someone thousands of miles away, there better be an accent to make up for it. Preferably one that makes “naughty” sound so…well, naughty.

But I can pretend to have a crush on you and follow you around the boards posting things like sigh and swoon no matter what you say. :slight_smile:

I’ve thought about it, but I’m a terrible mimic. My brother’s not and he’s spent about as much time in Canada as I have and sounds like he’s never left Brisbane. I, on the other hand, will have to spend the rest of my life with no-one believing I’m not a tourist.

I hear Danny DeVito has fallen out of favor as a sex symbol. He could probably use with a good “crushing” for his ego.

Can I jump in line for a new crush? I haven’t had one in a while and am quite eager to be on cloud nine. I really don’t mean to butt in, Lsura – I’m sure there’s two good crushes around, right?

PS: How did the first semester of library school go?

Sure, there are plenty of crushes to go around. And the best thing? They can be shared. We could both have a crush on the same person and neither of us would ever need to know.

School went well. If I managed exams as well as the rest of the semester, I should be carrying somewhere between a 3.8 and a 4.0. But more important: I learned a LOT, and I’ve broken some of my auditor thinking habits (but not all of them).

You’re an auditor? Woah! Forget everything I said! :eek:

(;j )

I was an auditor. Now I’m going to be a librarian. Ok, an information professional, possibly working in a library capacity. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooh! A librarian! Do you get to wear those cute little horn rimmed glasses?

Sorry, I’ll shut up now. I’ve just been in a good mood all day 'cause of this.

raises hand
Aww…come on…a cute college boy might be just what you need.

:cool: :smiley:


Ooh, that’s very true, Lsura. Let’s get together and pick the same one on purpose! :stuck_out_tongue:

And if library school gets some good positive reactions, I think I’ll be applying for admission very soon! :wink: (I have been planning on applying to library/information science programs anyway for a few years, it’s just a matter of getting off my duff and at least applying!)

How did a thread about crushes get around to schools and libraries???

Sheeeeesh you guys :lol

I’m available. Please allow me to point out some of my qualities:

Okay, so I don’t really have any. Except for this one:

I lied. Sorry, I got nothing.

I can pick locks with my tongue, but that’s hardly worth mentioning.

Um, that’s worth mentioning.

It’s worth applying lel. I don’t know where you’re thinking of applying, but I’m at the University of Tennessee and they do distance education programs - this fall’s entering DE group was larger than the on campus group. I know that South Carolina also has DE, as do a couple of others. So if there’s not a school in your area and you don’t want to move, those are growing alternatives.

And the library concept can get some interesting reactions from certain groups of guys, but I promise that classes are not the place to develop crushes (very few guys).

(ok, I’ll stop hijacking now)
Yes, Osip? Of course I will still devote the majority of my time to the advancement of Osipism - how could I forget about my life’s calling. This is just for a little thrill. :wink:

Garfield, I have nothing against college guys. Are you legal?

And Joey, that is definitely worth mentioning.

Heh. At first I had read this as “He’s got one of those fifty personalities…”

And then I thought, “Lsura will never be bored with this one.” :slight_smile: