I need a new Roommate

So I’m sick of living w/ my brother, his fiancee, and my friend from HS. Originally, it was just me and the friend but I figured it’d be great to invite the brother to live in the spare bedroom and lower our bills.

Well, I need out. I decided I should buy a house instead of renting. The friend was supposed to come w/ me but just bailed on me, leaving me w/ no contingency save for a weak “maybe” from the brother’s friend.

Not a single one of my friends knows someone who wants to move into a house for pretty much the same rent they’re paying now for a crap apartment. Does anyone know of a good (operative word, thus IMHO-worthy) way to find a new one quickly?

I tried roommates.com and it worked for me. You have to pay a small membership fee though.

I’m looking for something free. It wasn’t so great when I used it last.

Did you check the classifieds?

Have you tried Craigslist?

Craigslist.com a lot of times works wonders. You can post an ad saying you’re looking for a roommate to buy a house, or browse others looking for the same.