How to best find a roommate, despite the fact I hate people?

I know this is probably a stupid question, but I’ve been recently, ah, promoted to temp work, and have to face the fact I’m beyond my means at present.

I’ve exhausted my limited social circle. I actually know several awesome potential roommates, none of whom are in the right state or are currently looking.

Not entirely unlike my dating prospects, but that’s not germane.

So, does anyone have an idea that’s better than putting up flyers and/or craigslisting? Neither of which sounds promising, frankly. Finding a roommate on craigslist is thematically similar to finding a bedmate on craigslist, which seems unlikely to end well.

I don’t really hate people. Well, not ALL people. As I don’t really want a roommate, but need to get one anyway, the principal’s the same.

You need to get one that is never around, like a med student or a young doctor or a young lawyer.

I have a roommate that I never see. He’s a pizza guy.

Is there a university near you? My school has an online rental listing service, and that seems to be a more reliable place to find sane roommates than Craigslist, in my experience (of course I’m speaking as the renter, not the rentee). Mature students tend to stay in their rooms and study, and grad students are on campus year round, so you might be able find one at this time.

The kind of situation you want is probably going to affect where you should look (and who will be interested).
Are you offering a single room or do they have use of the common areas? If you’re leasing are they getting added to the lease?
Do you have any contact with fellow temps? Odds are some of them are looking for an affordable place.

Seconded. Once I had three roommates that I never saw. One worked full time and was a law-student by night. The other two were undergrads who hung out elsewhere most of the time. Essentially we just shared a kitchen and a bathroom, and only ran into each other occasionally.

Why do you think this? Craigslist is fine if you have a decent scamdar. To date, I have found 3 living situations through craigslist (just post a ‘housing wanted’ ad). I wouldn’t say I was roommates with the person, more like a tenant. But it worked out fantastically in 2 of those situations. My second LL, the chick was a closeted dramatic bitch, but she didn’t steal from me or anything like that. It became unpleasant to interact with her, so I moved on and I’m into another great situation again.

Renting a room inside someone else’s house or apartment is a really great way to save on cash. I’m probably going to be stuck doing it until I pay off my car, then I can get my own place. But this works, for now. No leases to worry about, unless you want to. I travel light and don’t own much stuff; it’s for the best, really. All that crap just weighs you down. You can usually find a situation that charges an all-inclusive amount for rent+utilities that never changes, so it’s a great way to budget without worrying about variables.

Craigslist is as good or bad as the people using it. I’ve met mostly good. My current roommate is working 80 hour weeks managing her father’s restaurant. It’s fabulous, feels like I own the place. :slight_smile:

Sorry, but my only advice is, “DON’T DO IT!” I moved into a fantastic house with a great (if a bit odd) house-mate in October. In April he informed me that he just couldn’t live with ANYone, but if he could he would “keep” me. I’m SO sad that I have to leave this wonderful home and the companionship of this gent. He went into this knowing that he couldn’t live with people and I ended up feeling like an experiment. Now, I’m looking for a job AND a place to live. I really hope that the suggestions made by others will work for you, but please be ready to commit. Don’t bail.

Do you get free pizza?

If there’s a hospital or law school near you, post a flyer there. I myself can’t imagine having a roommate in my house even though I could use the cash. Good luck!

Yeah, since he’s a vegan I will sometimes get pizzas he is given (like if someone mis-orders or whatever). It doesn’t happen as often as you’d think, though. That’s fine - I get enough pizza on my own, from better shops :wink:

To clarify, I have a two bedroom which is more space than I need. I’m not so much trying to find someone who’ll never be there as trying to find someone who’s not annoying and who’s crazy level is within acceptable levels.

My acceptable levels for crazy are actually pretty high. But my ‘not annoying’ level is pretty low, thus the worry.

And NOW I have to worry about feeling guilty once the sublet is over! THANKS HAZLE!! (Just kidding. I’d feel guilty anyway. I feel guilty about everything)

The funny thing is, I technically have a roomate already. She’s on the lease and everything. But she lives on the other side of the state and only stops over every few months. So obviously isn’t much help on the rent angle

I actually would try and discuss things with them ane try and evaluate them over coffee, not just a “here come see the place” type thing. I would try to SEE their place, to see if their level of cleanliness meshes with yours.

I would advise against living with a med/law student as a rule of thumb. No, they’re not around a lot but they’re people too and most people are filthy and live in various states of yuckiness. So try and pry for their personal habits and go from there.

If she’s on the lease, she should be paying for the rent regardless of whether she’s actually there or not.

Yep, this. If she’s not paying, get the landlord or agent to chase her up.

It sounds to me as though if you stop thinking “roommate” and start thinking “tenant” you will be in better shape.