I need a .pdf editor/combiner

We have a new copier at work, which allows us to make and email .pdf, which is really really nice. I have been getting a lot of information from a friend for the family genealogy. A lot of it is on paper so I’ve been taking it and converting it.

However, there are things I would like to do with the .pdf when I get them. I’d like to be able to combine two or more files together. I’d also like to be able to remove blank pages, and add comments to the files. The copier doesn’t have the option of even allowing me to choose if I want to be able to mark up the documents, all I can do is view them and print them. I’d also like to be able to search the files too, I know that some files we get sent at work, through a different means, allows us to convert the file to be searchable.

Is there any free program that will allow me to do these types of things, or am I out of luck and just have to deal with lots of smaller files, and not being able to make comments. I have Windows Vista if that matters. I just checked and I have 24 or so files, when I should only have 3-4. It’s not like the files are huge, but it’s hard to find info when it could be anywhere.

For combining, PDFTools

For editing:
PDF Exchange Viewer

I use pdftk. Unlike PDFTools and PDF Exchange Viewer, it is Free Software.

Foxit pdf editor:

Both PDF Tools and PDF Exchange Viewer have free versions.

They may be free as in zero-cost, but they’re not free software in the sense I was using the term.

I’m sure the OP doesn’t give two shits about that.

Well, I think he should care about free software the same way he presumably cares about free speech, and I think you should too.

Thanks guys, I got one that will work for what I need. The biggest thing was putting a few hundred pages together with ease.