I need a phobe name

I need the technical name for a person who fears being in a wedding, real or imaginary. Not one who attends, but one who has to be a functioning part of the ceremony, maybe a bridesmaid. Actually she is a bridesmaid and she is terrified. I want to know what kind of phobe to call her.



Well, there’s the generic “gamophobia” which is a fear of marriages. I think we’ll need a classical greek scholar to get it more specific.


From this article “If you’re deathly afraid of getting married, you might suffer from gamophobia (fear of weddings), genophobia (fear of sex) or even pentheraphobia (fear of mothers-in-law).”

Just call me Celyn! :frowning: I was very very much not looking forward to being a witness for my brother’s wedding. I supose that’s mre of a genral anxiety thing than weddings, though. But, then again, hmm, no - I was unahhpy about having to go to other brother’s wedding and I had no agoraphobia- type thing then. I think jsut because there is somethign so socially compulosry and a bit inane about it.

As in compulsory dress nicely, prepare to talk to people whm one coudl eithertalk to at ANY time, or whom one simply does not know at all. Andlisten to a clergyman or a civil reigstrar being a bit tedious. ANd wear pretty stuff - mesaning, usually non-practical stuff. Oh, I could go on.

yeah, I think I shall be interested to see what the proper answer to this is.

How about nuptiaphobe?

(Latin nuptiae, meaning the wedding ceremony)